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Pampered Chef: Advise on finding roomate

  1. Malinda Klein

    Malinda Klein Advanced Member Gold Member

    My group is in Wave 3, however, I'll be flying to Chicago for work Thursday and Friday (9th and 10th). I read that I can request to be in a different Wave for work reasons. This would save my airfair, and I'd stay in Chicago for the weekend.

    My 19 year old son wants to go with me and tour the city over the weekend. I didn't think this would be a big deal, especially if the hotel has internet (he'll be on his pc while i'm at conferences). He's in college 700 miles away now, so I thought this would be a great way to spend some time together (during the weekend, not during conference).

    1. if i decide to NOT take my son, how do i find a roommate for wave 2 (or am I doing this now) lol ?
    2. Second, if I do take my son, Is there another consultant that is thinking of bringing her son and we can split rooms?

    Just looking for ideas and suggestions. I can't afford to pay $230 a night for the three nights...
    May 21, 2009
  2. pcsharon1

    pcsharon1 Veteran Member Gold Member

    Not to steal your thread but I am just now deciding to go to conference and will be in Wave 3 and may need to find roommates. I haven't spoken with my director yet but I'm really not close to my cluster because I live in a different state and would love to pair up with someone if they have space - I'll only be there Thursday and Friday night.
    May 21, 2009
  3. DebbieJ

    DebbieJ Legend Member

    FYI--You have to get approval from the HO to switch waves. so don't think it's a done deal just because you want to switch.
    May 21, 2009
  4. chefann

    chefann Legend Member Gold Member

    Sharon, you may want to put a roommate request in the wave 3 area, so that people who will be in Chicago at that time see your post.

    Cheffers have found roommates here in the past. So it's entirely possible that you'll both find someone to help with costs.
    May 21, 2009
  5. Malinda Klein

    Malinda Klein Advanced Member Gold Member

    I plan on asking HQ for approval once I know its feasible
    May 21, 2009
  6. Janice Stroud

    Janice Stroud cookinglady Silver Member

    We may have room for two, maybe even three roomies. We are a cluster just outside of Chicago. We originally booked two rooms for eight consultants. Currently, it looks like there are five definites. We will be staying at the Hilton. I won't cancel the second room until the deadline. Please stay in touch if you are interested.
    May 25, 2009
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