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1st and 2nd Show Recap!! SORRY LONG


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Jun 20, 2005
My 1st kitchen show was on the 12th. The host has decided that she is going to sign under me, because she feels that I am much more together than the other host she knows. (No, I didn't know she knew another consultant when I booked her show and started recruiting her!) Well, the 12th comes and there are all of 5 people in attendance. The show ends with about $75 in sales for the night!! :( I was so disappointed as was my potential recruit. I talked to her and continued to coach her staying positive. I told her that it was ok and it happens to us all, but that we really needed to work hard on those outside orders. She has kept her show open and will be closing Sunday with well over $300 in orders.


Kitchen Show #2 was being held today @ my house under my hubby's name. He did most of the host part. I helped a lot with the invites and stuff, but when show time arrived the only guest in attendance was my mother in law! :eek: We weren't expecting a really big # of guests, since my husband is a manager @ LOWE'S and not everyone could get off and those that were off were all in weddings. :eek: We did have about 10 RSVP's, so I felt ok leading up to the show. Finally, we get a call from one couple saying they were running late, but were on the way, then another call from another couple saying that they were lost. The third call came from a neighbor saying that he had to work a half a shift over (ER Nurse on Midnights) and that he has overslept but was coming over in a minute. The show was supposed to start @ 3pm and I actually didn't get started until 4:15pm. Once we got going I had one couple that just wouldn't SHUTUP!! They did everything you wouldn't want a guest to do. They talked horribly about the cookware, told stories about landlord situations and no matter what I did I just couldn't get them to hush!! Finally, I just quit trying to get through my opening spill and just started demoing the products and cooking. There was not any sort of closing to the show. I just finished the recipe and got it in the oven. Pulled out the cheesecake I made and got the plates and stuff set up; while everyone chit chatted and browsed through the catalog and asked questions. After I served everyone, I started to check people out. The LOUD MOUTH COUPLE ORDERED OVER $100 WORTH OF PRODUCTS AND BOOKED A SHOW!!! The show that was first looking like a disaster ended up with over $240 in show sales, over $65 in before show outside orders and the promise of 2 more orders before the show closes, PLUS 2 show bookings!! One of the guests that booked wants the cookware and may be recruit #2!!! :D

It just goes to show that even shows that at first appear to be very disappointing can turn out to be worth the effort!!


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May 6, 2005
Wow, Donna, that's awesome! That goes to show you can never pre-judge....even the direction you think a Kitchen Show is going. Good for you! And great job with these potential recruits! :)


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Jan 21, 2005
DZmom said:
Kitchen Show #2 was being held today @ my house under my hubby's name. He did most of the host part.
Check your Recipe for Success. I believe that your host can not live in the same house as you. Pampered Chef will put the show on hold and call to clarify it.

I have a recruit that had a show for her mother and put her own address in for delivery. They called her and asked if the host lived with her because if she did, the booking credit wouldn't count and her host discount purchase would not count as commissionable.


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Jun 20, 2005
Address for Shipment

I was told that if I put the address down as

Host Name
c/o Donna Hurst, Consultant
MY Street
City, State Zip

that it would be counted as a regular show? Was I told wrong? Isn't this how Consultants have non family orders shipped to them?


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Feb 14, 2005
Hmm. I am confused. I have orders shipped all the time to my house. I just list the host's name and put C/O as stated above. I have never had any problems with this. In the last 5 months I think I have had 10 shows shipped to my home.


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Jun 22, 2005
I always ask my host if she wants the orders shipped to her, or to me, so she won't have to separate the products. I want to make it easy on the host. I do the c/o thing , and have never had a problem. I emailed PC HO about this, wanting to have on the website under "host lookup" the host name and HER address not "c/o..." I wish there was some way that we could click ..."ship to consultant" and leave the host information as her own. For later contact reasons, I don't want MY address on there, and in the website! After shipping the orders in, CHANGE the address info to her address. This will help for your contact info on PP, but not in the "host lookup" on the PC website.
Was that confusing enough???