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Recent content by turtle15

  1. turtle15

    Pampered Chef Address

    Thank you! I could not find it on Consultant Corner!
  2. turtle15

    Pampered Chef Address

    What is the address to send a return?
  3. turtle15

    Old HWC Product Prices

    Thank you!
  4. turtle15

    Old HWC Product Prices

    How much were the Dots Martini Glasses and the Reusable HWC Shopping Bags?
  5. turtle15

    Small Batter Bowl mixes-gift

    2 Questions on this... 1. Is there a special way you have to order a larger quantity of these? 2. Is there some rule about selling food at fairs or shows?
  6. turtle15

    Booths Cash and Carry receipts?

    Am I remembering correctly that if a customer buys a cash and carry item, it is not covered under warranty? If that is the case, do you not give them a receipt?
  7. turtle15

    What recipes are you offering this season?

    Oooo - what are the cookies and cream cheesecake bites? They sound great!
  8. turtle15

    Fundraiser HWC and pink products.....??? Disappointed.

    I am assuming they can't be tied to a fundraiser either? Bummer since I have a breast cancer awareness fundraiser on Oct. 2 too!
  9. turtle15

    Active/Inactive - Samples

    Thank you! It finally showed up this evening!
  10. turtle15

    Active/Inactive - Samples

    I was inactive until I ordered last night. Will I now be able to order product samples, or did I lose my chance?
  11. turtle15

    Fundraiser $3 Booking Question

    As long as a show is coded as a fundraiser in P3, will the $3 booking bonus automatically go to the charity if I mark booking, or do I have to do something else to make sure that happens? Also, can someone book a show and not buy anything, and still have the $3 donated? Final question...
  12. turtle15

    Email HO re: Forged Cutlery host special

    I also wish the shears were an option!
  13. turtle15

    Favorite Cookbook?

    Hmm - must be a good one!