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Recent content by Sara Dawn

  1. Sara Dawn

    Need ideas and suggestions

    I have a cooking show the first weekend in February and my host wants to make it a Battle of the Sexes type show with an Italian theme. How can I pull this off and make it fun at the same time? I was thinking of doing some kind of trivia first and the team that gets the most right gets an...
  2. Sara Dawn

    Game ideas and thoughts for an open house

    Like every change of season, I throw a mystery host open house party. One game that my guest love is an auction game. I make up a points system and whatever points they get is their bidding money. I have product wrapped up and they have to bid on it and the one with the highest bid gets the...
  3. Sara Dawn

    Need fresh new ideas!

    Thank you very much! I will look into that! I'm always looking for something new to try out.
  4. Sara Dawn

    Need fresh new ideas!

    Yes with each new season when I have the party I always make it mystery host.
  5. Sara Dawn

    Need fresh new ideas!

    Thank you for your suggestions. It is kind of hard to have anything at my house. I really have no room and we live out in the middle of no where so it is kind of hard to find. I have tried offering freezer meal workshops and no one seems interested. Some suggested in a group I am in on...
  6. Sara Dawn

    Need fresh new ideas!

    I have done the Queen of Shoppers game but named it Champion of Shoppers since I do have men that attend. I have played points games, I have done a recipe game where they fill in the product. I have played the left right game which is kind of difficult with a large group. I want to keep it...
  7. Sara Dawn

    Need fresh new ideas!

    I don't know why I even bother posting in here because it seems that all my posts go unanswered. I just need some fresh new ideas for games and such for an open house type event. I have one every change of season. I rent a space since my house is just too tiny. No way of cooking anything. I...
  8. Sara Dawn

    Facebook Games

    I found a lot of games in different groups I am in on Facebook but I am looking for something new that I can do. I have two shows open right now and using the same games over and over is getting old for me. Anyone got something new and exciting?
  9. Sara Dawn

    Vendor Event Prize Help

    I have signed up for multiple vendor events in the next month or two. I have two this weekend (on the same day) and one at the end of the month. I have two set up for next month. I was going to do a drawing for a Round UP From The Heart soup bowl set but after reading some of the posts here...
  10. Sara Dawn

    Open House Games

    Each new season I host a open house where I play games with my guests, have the new products on display and feed them food. I used to demo something but I just stopped when people started losing interest so I just went with all games for Pampered Chef prizes or logo items I order for Merrill...
  11. Sara Dawn

    New to ChefSuccess

    Hey Everyone! My name is Sara and I live in Virginia. I have been a consultant going on 8 years now. I have just recently started to grow my business and am always looking for new inspiration and new ideas to keep my momentum going. Looking forward to all the posts!