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Recent content by mary k

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    My 3 year old is loony

    My 3 year old I have a son who I started when he was three to teach him how to cook.He is now going to college next year to be a chef. Your son could be the next Bobby Flay.:)
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    Trifle Bowl Recipe Booklet

    Thanks so much for the recipe booklet. I love making trifles.:p
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    Pampered chef at the thrift store

    Thrift Store Just bought the small and large micro cookers for 4.00 for both brand new never used and still in the original package. This was at a flea market. I just love to find bargains at thrift stores.:o
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    Any one have ?

    any one have Never thought about the address this program that I was emotional one and I'm not thinking straight.
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    Any one have ?

    Egg slicer Teresa my address is 112 E Third Flatonia, Texas. 78941 Please email me at [email protected] to let me know the price. Sorry that I didn't get back sooner but my son participated in the shatter dreams program and it has been a very emotional day for me.
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    Any one have ?

    Does any one in Texas have a new Egg Slicer Plus they would be willing to sell? I have a customer that wants one and I have taking a leave of abscence from P.C. till April due to some personal reasons and I'm not doing any ordering till April. I will pay for shipping. I need this ASAP. Ilive in...
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    Paula Deen Rocks!!!

    Paula Dean Rocks I love this women to death. Maybe its because I'm a Georgia Peach even though I live in Texas now I still have the Georgia Peach attitude like Paula Deen. I will look for this magazine didn't realize she had one.:p :p
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    I am ticked off - Venting Alert

    I am ticked off I had a Christmas show booked and it takes about 30 minutes to get there one way.When I get to the show there is another P.C. cosultant they set her up at the front door and I was stuck in the very back of the hall in a corner. I asked if there was going to be another P.C...
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    Love Flea Markets and Garage Sales

    Flea Markets I set up at flea markets when I can around here they are far off or they are junky. We have new one about 20 miles from us and it is 10.00 a space. We went yesterday and it was so cold and windy I didn't even set P.C. up.My husband set out garage sale items and we stayed inside...
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    Love Flea Markets and Garage Sales

    I went to flea market today and found a bargain on brand new Micro-Cookers both the small and large from P.C. both for 4.00 dollars . I pick up so many pieces of P.C at garage sales and flea markets. They will be added to my kit.:) :) :)
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    Someone stole my debit card information....

    Stolen debit card information I need to let you guys know some information a friend who is a cop sent me. Y es they do use the phones with cameras in them to take a picture of your card. The next thing they do is when you go to say a place to eat and when you go to pay with your card and...
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    Lots of Supplies, doorprizes and paperwork to sell!

    Paperwork to sell I would like to have the seasons best let me know prices and shipping for 78941. E-Mail me at [email protected] Thanks, Mary Kalinec:)
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    Does anybody know about 5th disease??

    5Th disease I took my son into the emergency room because of a severe rash and what they told me he had strep throat which caused the scarlett fever and scarlet fever causes rash. I've got two boys and never had scarlett fever with strep throat. He was out of school for three days. I would...
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    Need help with Bread Tube

    Bread tubes I'm going to tell her to let it rise before putting it into the bread tube and see if that will help. Any other advise is still welcome.:)
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    Need help with Bread Tube

    Can you tell me what I can tell this customer on what it is she is doing wrong on her bread tubes. This is the problem she is making bread from scratch and using good yeast but the bread is not rising in the tube and comes out horrible. I never used the tubes so I can't tell her right from...