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Recent content by jross93

  1. J

    Lots for sale

    please email me a list of what you still have [email protected]
  2. J

    "plastic steamers" ???

    I just had a former co-worker email me with the following question: "Are the plastic steamers PBA free? I've had mine for about 8 years." I am relatively new to PC and have NO idea what "plastic steamers" she might be talking about. I'd rather not call her and act clueless, so I thought...
  3. J

    Theme Show When do new fall/winter catalogues come out?

    I had a wedding registry last summer that overlapped into the new fall catalogue. It really wasn't much of an issue. The couple registered for their items based on the spring/summer catalog. Toward the end of the season, HO (or someone) sent an email to me as well as the couple letting them...
  4. J

    BBQ chicken in DCB

    also, if you still wanted to do fajitas, just buy one of those seasoning packets and you can marinate the chicken breast and then add the onions and peppers to cook them like normal. I do it this way often and the flavor is great!! Jen
  5. J

    Buying ISO ice cream sandwich maker

    bumping...... No one has one or knows where I can get one?
  6. J

    Buying ISO ice cream sandwich maker

    Does anyone have any ice cream sandwich makers NIP? I have a customer asking.... Thanks! Jen
  7. J

    Host Coaching Host 1/2 price items

    Thanks! I know I should know that....it's been a looong day! I tried doing a search but came up with nothing!
  8. J

    Host Coaching Host 1/2 price items

    Do the items the host chooses as her 1/2 price items count toward her show total?
  9. J

    Loaded Baked Potato Chowder

    Anyone have any ideas what I can substitute for the cream cheese? My husband HATES cream cheese....I made this last weekend and the cream cheese taste was VERY strong....He took one bite and was done! I thought it was very "cream cheesy" the first day....wasn't as strong the second day, but...
  10. J

    Spicy Pineapple Rum Sauce

    Anyone know how long the opened sauce (stored in the fridge) is good for? Usually bottles say when they need to be used by, but I can't find anything anywhere on the PA Sauce...? Jen
  11. J

    Sales Tax increase in North Carolina- Sept 1st 2009

    Bobbi, Have you noticed that P3 is still putting in the old tax rate? I know we can manually adjust it, but I noticed that when people are placing on line orders for my shows it is only charging them 6.75%, not 7.75% even though I've adjusted it in P3. What to do??? Jen
  12. J

    Fish in DCB

    yes...she's thinking of the microwave.... Jen
  13. J

    PC logowear

    Can you post a pic? Thanks! Jen
  14. J

    Fish in DCB

    I had a guest at last night's show ask me about cooking fish in the DCB. Has anyone tried this? I don't eat fish, so I haven't tried it. I told her I would try to find out for her though. Please share if you've done it! Thanks! Jen
  15. J

    Super Moist Low Fat Breaded Chicken and Potatoes in the DCB

    thank you for sharing this! I'm always looking for more DCB recipes for the microwave! :) Jen