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Yesterday was the worst day to have a migraine...


Silver Member
Feb 24, 2006
because my new consultant box came :D and I couldn't play with it!

I got it upstairs to my office...opened it up, put my binder together and then tried to read. No go. I was so excited but I was hurting so bad. :eek:

Now today, it is another day. And I am off to the store to buy some foods to start playing with.


and then tomorrow, the show I hosted will have its products delivered! and I can start all over again!


I love that big brown truck!
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Future Director
Silver Member
Feb 20, 2006
Me Too!!

I have been waiting for a week for my SS1 Plus Kit and it hasn't arrived yet. I too want to play and show off my new stuff. Love that brown truck!!!
Feb 14, 2006
Poor UPS guy!

My poor UPS guy! My recruiter lives right across the street from me and then my other friend across the street is a Mary Kay consultant so he is here all the time!! He even knows the name of my dog by heart! Congratulations on getting your kit! Mine arrived the day I hosted a party for my recruiter and we had so much fun going through it together!

Welcome to the biz!

~Kristen ;)