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Would Like to Help Those Affected by Katrina

In summary, the Pampered Chef Fund-raiser Show will allow customers to make donations to the American Red Cross in addition to purchasing items from the catalog. There will be a 20% off sale on stoneware beginning September 1st, and all proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross.
Mother Nature can be so devastating at times...I read on Yahoo news somewhere that people were comparing the 30 ft. storm surge to the tsunami that hit Southeast Asia this past Dec. 26th. I can only imagine how horrible a situation it is and show scared so many people are. My thoughts are with them and their families.

I'd like to do something to help them out--a fundrasier for those hit by Katrina's devastation. How would I go about doing something like that? I'm a new consultant (coming to the end of SS1), so I don't know what I need to do or how to even organize it. Any advice, suggestions, tips, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone in advance!
Solicit as you would any fundraiser. Join with ARC, etc. That's who the Pampered check would be made out to. And, it would let customers know that it's a legitimate fund raiser. There will be a lot of cons taking advantage of this tragedy, as they do with any tragedy.
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I sound so clueless....
rwesterpchef said:
Solicit as you would any fundraiser. Join with ARC, etc. That's who the Pampered check would be made out to. And, it would let customers know that it's a legitimate fund raiser. There will be a lot of cons taking advantage of this tragedy, as they do with any tragedy.

So how do I solicit for a fundraiser? Sorry if I sound so clueless, but I've never done anything like this before and have no idea where to even start. Do I just call the ARC and tell them that I would like to do a fundraiser for them? Would I do a kitchen show? catalog show?

I just really want to help all of those hit by the effects of Katrina and thought this would be a great way to raise some funds for the relief efforts.
Check your email!TPC is one step ahead of us! Check your email for a note from Jean Jonas and TPC's efforts to help. Get those round up pennies during Sept and they'll be matched by TPC to go toward America's Second Harvest!!
That is SOOO cool that Pampered Chef is doing the donations-matching thing. I'm very impressed. I hope it nets thousands of dollars for the victims of the hurricane.
Hurrican Katrina FundraiserThis is a copy of the letter I emailed to my email-list at 11:32 last night. This afternoon, I came home to find two orders on my email. Just think, we can all make a difference!

You're Invited to participate in a Pampered Chef® Fund-raiser Show®!

Dear Pampered Friends,

Like many of you, I have been glued to any news I can hear about Hurricane Katrina. My heart sunk when I heard that the mayor of New Orleans estimates thousands may have perished after the levee broke.

There is a nagging urge to help in some way. I believe the biggest thing I can do is to pray for these people. For a tangible way of helping, I have decided to have a Pampered Chef fundraiser for the
American Red Cross to aid in their Hurricane Relief program. I would like to extend this offer to you: If you are planning on purchasing items in September, or this fall, from our new catalog, and you are not attending a show this month, I would like to ask you to consider purchasing those items as part of this fundraiser. I do not want to take from any personal donations towards the Hurricane Relief, nor from any Pampered Chef shows you may attend, but to extend a way to make any other purchases count towards helping those whose lives have been torn apart by this storm, if you choose. I will also be donating all of my commission from this show to the American Red Cross.

ALSO, we received a letter from Pampered Chef's home office. If you round up your order to the nearest dollar OR MORE, that money will go the local food bank, AND Pampered Chef will match EVERY DONATION made to give to the Hurricane Victims through America's 2nd Harvest. They are also making an immediate donation to help the flood victims. This special donation will be available to every guest at every Kitchen and Catalog show.

Stoneware will be on sale for 20% off the entire month of September. The new product line (along with our current line) will be available beginning Thursday, September 1. Direct online ordering for individual orders WILL be available beginning September 1, but if you want your order to go towards the fundraiser, PLEASE use the link below, or go to my website and enter "Red Cross" as the fundraiser organization I will keep this fundraiser open through September 14. You can also call or e-mail me with an order. If you have any questions, please contact me at 817-909-0288, or e-mail at [email protected]

Thank you for allowing me to share this opportunity with you.

Rita Wester
"Shout for joy, O heavens; rejoice, O earth; burst into song, O mountains! For the LORD comforts His people and will have compassion on his afflicted ones. " Isaiah 49:13
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Can I use your letter?Rita~that is such a wonderful letter to send out to all of your email contacts! I've been trying to come up with one, too, and have not been able to come up with one that sounds as good as yours. May I borrow your format and tweak it for me and my email list? Thanks so much for sharing!:)
Thanks Rita for your letter, I just used the same to send to my "guests".

Also, I have a fair this Sat. that I'm going to try to get orders from for my fundraiser...
I wish everyone the best and hope your fundraisers gets lots of money to the Red Cross!
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Thank you!Rita--
I just sent a response to your email...ignore the question about using your email--I didn't read this thread before going to my email box. LOL!

Good luck at the fair, Angela! I hope you get a lot of people wanting to help out!

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I just want to get this correct: for every person that rounds up to the nearest dollar just like the round up for the heart then PC will match that donation for the hurricane relief? So both the hurricane relief and round up are getting the donation?
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great!To Janel...yup! Is that awesome or what??!! As for the letter and idea Rita! Great job. I, too am going to use that letter for all of my contacts. Thanks for the great wording and of course, inspiration for the rest of us to do something like this.

God Bless and keep all!
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Thank you, Rita, for the words to say. I set up my fundraiser online. The local newspaper was asking how local businesses were helping with Hurricane Relief, and I emailed them my blurb, not knowing if that was the type of information they wanted. They published it (with some obvious incorrect information), but the important information was correct. Maybe you all too could contact your local paper and see if they can get the word out about your fundraiser.
Here's the link of what they put in my local paper:
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What about Canada?O.K I have just gone through a huge move, :eek: so I have been totally out of the loop.
Since I am in Canada I was wondering if this round up matching donation thing was going on in Canada too or is it just in the US?
I would like to do a fundraiser too but this would be great for the other shows I have going this Month.

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How is everyone's ARC fundraiser going? I have had no takers but one lady e-mailed me last night saying she would like to place an order since it's going to a good cause. My question is, if I don't gather enough orders to turn in $150 in sales, what do I do? :confused:

I know this sounds like a stupid question but I want to make sure that the ARC gets the proper credit. Thanks in advance! :)
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me too!Kristi,

I'm in the same boat with you--no takers what so ever! It's too bad that no one wants to help a good cause. I'm printing out flyers to hand out in my neighborhood...I'll just go door to door during my morning walk and stick it on everyone's doors. I know it's a lot of work, but at least I'll get my exercise out of it, too! LOL
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Don't feel bad, I've had no takers either. Alot of people donated all they can to the Red Cross and can't fit PC products in, etc. I understand and don't want to force it on anyone. If they already donated to a fundraiser benefiting the relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina, that's okay with me because right now what's important is for all of those people to get the help they need. It's too bad some of us haven't had much luck though.
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Good luckHere's a flier and an order form that I used. Hope it helps!


  • Katrina Relief Order Form.doc
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  • Katrina Relief.doc
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We have organizeda large fundraiser with 6 other direct sales companies. My ex inlaws ,lol ! Own a hotel , they gave me a banquet room to use for the evening for FREE ! So we have contacted other vendors to help us out all i asked in return as that they donate someting to be raffled off, so we will be selling tickets for the raffle as well , each consultant can put a basket in front of there products, they can them pick a name at the end of the night for a winner and are also able to keep the names for contacts as well. Because it is a fundraiser we have obtained tons of FREE advertising in 3 local papers , and 3 local tv channels on the town acsess channels. A local radio station has picked us up as well !We put flyers up everywhere and all of the consultants have sent out emails to all of their contacts as well.
We will have to see what kind of turnout we get ! I have never done this type of fundraiser before , seeing as it is at a large hotel iam hopeing for a good response. Iam not sure though I have read other posts on help whip cancer fundraiser shows that have not gone so well. i will let ya all know how it goes it is on the 28 th. Wish me luck !! :)
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Fund raiser ShowsFYI - Today's Weekly Bites has instructions on hosting an America's Second Harvest Fund raiser show.
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I have a little over $193 in orders so far. I think it helped to promote it quickly after the tragedy. I haven't had an order in the last 4 days, but am expecting at least one more (the lady called to get detailed info on an item).

I know it's not much and PC doesn't donate as much on a small order. I will probably just submit as a show and donate the 10% home office would have and 23% commission I'd make. 33% of the show will be worth it to me.
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I think the fundrasiers are a great idea. ARC is giving out plenty of $$$ in our area. They opened up 7 spot in my parish to get assistance. They giving families a little $$$ to help with storm expenses. Of course we appplied put checks won't arrive for 4 weeks. That's okay, it least their ont he way.

One thing I have done on website is annouce on my homepage-
Help a Hurricane Katarnia or Rita friend or family with a Restock-their-Kitchen show or order. I put it on the site about 4 days ago and emailed to my list. I haven't gotten anyone to book yet. But a few replied it was a great idea and would have one as soon as they knew where their friend or family would be relocating to.

I have an order here that wasn't deliveried before storm and found yesterday the customer lost everything. So the piece I have here is her only PC item she has at this point. She a friend and co-worker of my sister, so my sister is going to setup a show for her with the next month and have the items for her at Christmas. Then my sister is going to store the items for her until she has a place.


Related to Would Like to Help Those Affected by Katrina

1. How can I donate to hurricane relief efforts through Pampered Chef?

Pampered Chef has partnered with the American Red Cross and Feeding America to collect donations for those affected by Hurricane Katrina. You can make a donation through our website or by attending one of our virtual cooking classes where a portion of the proceeds will go towards hurricane relief.

2. Can I volunteer my time to help those affected by the hurricane?

Yes, we encourage our consultants and customers to volunteer their time with local organizations that are providing aid to those impacted by Hurricane Katrina. You can also participate in our virtual cooking classes where a portion of the proceeds will go towards hurricane relief.

3. Is Pampered Chef donating any proceeds from sales towards hurricane relief?

Yes, a portion of the proceeds from our virtual cooking classes will go towards hurricane relief efforts. Additionally, our consultants have the option to donate their commission from certain products to the American Red Cross and Feeding America.

4. Where will my donation through Pampered Chef go?

If you make a donation through our website or virtual cooking classes, the funds will be split between the American Red Cross and Feeding America. These organizations are on the ground providing immediate assistance and long-term support to those affected by Hurricane Katrina.

5. Can I still make a donation if I am not a Pampered Chef customer or consultant?

Yes, we welcome donations from anyone who wants to support hurricane relief efforts. You can make a donation through our website or by attending one of our virtual cooking classes where a portion of the proceeds will go towards hurricane relief.

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