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Pampered Chef: Host Coaching When to send host packets

  1. I was wondering how far in advance does everyone send their host packets? I know from hosting shows with my director if she sends a packet at all she sends it the week of the show. Say the party is on Friday her hosts will get the packet on Monday or Tuesday. I don't like that but I was wondering how early is too early?
    Mar 6, 2006
  2. DebbieSAChef

    DebbieSAChef Senior Member

    Two weeks is good for me!

    I usually do two weeks in advance that way they can get their invites out in plenty of time. That way they can find out if people can come or if they already have plans. An outside order is always a good idea for those people. Also I have sent out packets three weeks and this month I sent out a pakcet in advance for a hostess who really knows her stuff and she is what I like to call one of my professional hosts who really understands outside orders, big attendence and I have this new layaway plan for the cookware. She wants it to count for her show so she is getting people to sign up for layaway now to finish payments by April which is her show. For me personally I think if I am given two weeks notice about a show on a Sat. that is plenty of time for me to make plans to go.
    Mar 6, 2006
  3. BethCooks4U

    BethCooks4U Legend Member Gold Member

    I send packets out during the first week of the month for the next month (It's March 6th and I am sending April show packets out this week). If someone books a show for this month after I have sent the packets I will send theirs the day after they book. This gives them plenty of time to get the guest list back to me if I am mailing the invitations or to get their invitations out if they are and it gives them many

    I always preceed sending the packet with a call to make sure that the date is still solid since some of the dates were booked more than a month before and life does happen.
    Mar 6, 2006
  4. reesefamily5

    reesefamily5 Member

    I send my host packets out 4 weeks before the show. I have noticed if I don't send them out early enough I have hosts reschedule because they say they didn't get the packet soon enough.

    I send out invites and this also allows them time to get the guest list back to me so I can send out the invitations.

    I do my 1st host coaching call 3 weeks before the show and really help encourage a large list of guests for me to send invites to. I encourage them to have the 5 order forms filled by the time of her show. (This means 5 orders).

    My 2nd host coaching call is 10 days before the show. I always ask if there is any outside orders, and if not I tell them I will take any that they have on our next call.

    2 days before the show I do the reminder calls for the host. (I have had better attendance since I started this because I found that the hosts where not doing this on their own even though I told them how important it was.) Sometimes I do the reminder calls during the day so I get a lot of answering machines, this is easier for me since I don't like the phone.

    After I make the reminder calls I call my host for the 3rd host coaching call. I ask her how many people she thinks are coming and tell her how the reminder calls went.

    Of course I talk about more things in these calls but this is a simple overview. I use the Host Information Guide from off the downloads on the website as my guide for what to talk about on the calls.

    That's why I like to send my host packet out 4 weeks ahead of time. Then I have plenty of time to make all the host coaching calls, and my host and I feel like old friends by the time I walk through her door for her show.
    Mar 6, 2006
  5. Lorna

    Lorna Novice Member

    not to early that they are forgotten

    i take host packages to shows with me to show off, but i no longer give them out, it is a teaser look. I call them the next day to confirm date and time(make sure their calendar is still good) tell them I am printing the self-adhesive labels (permanent) and making recipe preperations (if needed)
    If show is a distance i will mail 3 but less then 4 weeks in advance in my community i will deliver 2 weeks in advance. In the meantime i will encourage word of mouth and outside orders and stay in contact, people get cold feet.
    Mar 7, 2006
  6. soonerchef

    soonerchef Veteran Member

    I always send packets out 4 weeks ahead. I have the host call me when they get the packet, they always have. Then I have them fill out 2 of the new host guest list sheets, most fill both, so that's almost 50 invites. The host mails me the list and then I address and send out the invites 17 days before the show. That way the guests have 2 weeks to plan. I get a head count 1 week before the show and that is when we talk recipes. I have the host call the people who haven't rsvp'd 3 days before to find out if they are coming and then I have the host call the ones who did rsvp the day before just as a reminder.
    Mar 7, 2006
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