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When do we get all the HWC info?


Jul 21, 2005
Hello Everyone!

I am new-ish to PC - my SS#1 was in September - I am anxious to start to book some help whip cancer shows - I have a couple of people in mind who would like to do one, and I might even do an open house that month...

But can you tell me more about it? Is every show a fundraiser? Do the hosts get benefits beyond the host special? Why are there special products for that month only?

Any info you can give me on the basics on May shows and HWC would be greatly appreciated. Does anyone know when we'll get the info from HO?




Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
A show in May doesn't have to be a fundraiser. Only if the host wants it that way. IF that's the case, she doesn't get host benefits, other than being able to purchase the host special at 60% off. Then the organization that it's designated as a fundraiser for gets the 10-15% contribution. HOsts can list "Help Whip CAncer" as the organization or any other organization.

The Host Special is so cute! They are two white simple additions mugs (the new BIG ones) and two small SA squares. They are a pale pink with white polka dots! They are so adorable and they are ONLY available to hosts. Then the HWC products that anyone can purchase (and $1 from each goes towards HWC) are a pink bar board and quikut paring knife set, the "Help Whip Clips" like last year (set of two magnet clips shaped like a pink breast cancer ribbon) and.....shoot - I can't remember what else. I'm sure someone else here will remember. It's such a good month to have a show. I always do something extra like bring an already prepared Strawberry Cheesecake Microwave Cake made in the Stoneware Fluted Pan. I also do a little incentive for all my May hosts...who ever has the highest show total wins a basket of small products or some of the HWC items or something.

I already have 3 shows booked, so I"m excited!! :D