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Well, I guess that's what I get!


Aug 24, 2005
Never, never, never go out not looking your best!! I stopped at the grocery store on my way home from the gym because I just couldn't wait to try a cake in the rice cooker. My two littles were acting like they'd lost their minds, and I looked (and probably smelled) pretty ripe. Wouldn't you know it--somebody came up to me and said, "Aren't you the Pampered Chef lady?" Thank G-d I remembered her name immediately...I could tell she was impressed with that.

But here's the funny part--my 5 year old son was as excited about the microwave cake as I was and he started chattering, "Know what? My mommy can make a cake in the microwave with her Pampered Chef stuff!! You just mix it all up and push 9, zero, zero, start. Mmmmm!!" I was just cracking up! Guess I'm going to have to put him on the payroll!
May 27, 2005
my son is the same way, everynight beefore i go to a show he ask what i am making at the show. he always says you should make the upside down cake in that funny pan. he is so cute, and when anyone asks where i am working, he says, she does pampered chef, and she is the best "pampered chefer" just gives me a little more motivation to keep doing it.


Apr 22, 2005
My daughter is six and she is the same way. Last year she was in Kindergarten. She was passing out little pieces of paper in the school yard. I said honey, what are you giving everybody? She said they are pieces of paper that say Pampered Chef on them :eek: . I said what are you doing that for, she said so their mommy's will want to have a Pampered Chef show with you. It was sooo cute but I was very embarressed :eek: