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We celebrate the Top 3 Show Averages! To qualify for this


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Apr 14, 2004
We celebrate the Top 3 Show Averages! To qualify for this recognition, you must have 2 kitchen shows and one catalog show. Top average gets $15 in cash, #2 gets $10, and #3 get's $5 in cash...They love this. NO more stocking cards, stickers, baskets and less for me to remember and packup. Also, I recognize top seller w/a small gift for their business. I have a team that is spread out, so mailing these has made it easier for me. Super Starters earn the charms and a "new" charm (SA, etc) can be earned for attending 3 out of 4 meetings. We also do a "meal" for those that have $1,250 show (we raised the bar this year, b/c PC has raised their host bonus level) or higher and we follow the TPC calendar year, that has made it very easy to celebrate versus trying to fit something in in December. Also, my group prefers less time being spent on recognition....they would rather spend more time learning and networking...
Cindy in Baltimore


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Apr 14, 2004

I have been trying out a few different ways to recognize people at my meetings
and just thought I'd post how these have been going for me.

In addition to what I normally do, I thought I'd give a gift bag to the top
FD/Director in sales, the top SS Consultant in sales and the top Consultant in
sales, thereby recognizing different levels instead of the #1 person in sales.
I only give the gift bag if they are at the meeting. I've been doing this for
quite a few months now and after the meeting when a few hung around with me,
the gal that got the bag as being the top Consultant confided that her #1 goal
every month is to get that gift bag. I only put a few things in it--a candy
bar or candy, invites, stickers, a box of brownie mix, cake mix or cornbread
mix and maybe a pen or highlighter. Nothing expensive. I was so happy this
gal said that---she's been trying so hard to get her business going better and
as long as she has a goal, I'm thrilled she's reaching it. It may be a small
one, but it has gotten her from doing $500/mo in sales to $1500/mo or more in

Another thing I tried just at the last meeting was to give all those who got
their name read as being one of the tops in certain categories a raffle
ticket. At the end of the meeting I drew a ticket and that person got candy
and 5 catalogs. Again, nothing big, but something new I tried. ONe of the
other gals who stayed after the meeting told me she realized she didn't get
any tickets & was thinking everyone was noticing. She said it embarrased her
and made her realize she had to do something right away to get her business
back on track so that at the next meeting, she got some tickets. Of course,
no one noticed like she thought but it was still bothering her enough that she
is getting on her phone to line up shows before the next meeting.

I was surprised how even this little recognition has a way of making others
feel. I thought some of you might want to try these...It was a fun way to try
something a little different and didn't cost a lot of money.
Mary Jo Oyer-Dir.