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Virtual Show Success Stories?


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Apr 10, 2005
Howdy Strangers! Been a long long while, but thinking about another go around, in large part to what I'm hearing about the Virtual Shows. So where do I turn? Why, my old friends on Chef Success of course!

I am wondering about how successful you have really found the virtual shows to be? Quite frankly, when I've been invited to a virtual show for anything, keeping me engaged is tuogh, and I usually don't end up buying anything. Am I just an old stick in the mud? I want to hear personal success stories (or not so great stories lol).



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Dec 6, 2005
I think the key is, as you mention, keeping people engaged. I do this by doing a game or two. I offer something small as a prize, which will be added to their order. My suggestion is to spend the next few weeks keeping tabs on those virtual parties you've been invited to. See what they do and figure out what will work for you.

I have started making my virtual shows groups instead of events. Everyone invited gets notified when anything is posted. I post at least once daily for about two weeks. I leave the group in existence until about a month after closing, so I'm available for any questions. I post what the host saved (if I have the host's permission) and when the products have shipped.

As for how successful I've found them to be, it's been mixed. I find an online element to be a boon to most live shows. I've had very successful virtual shows and barely there virtual shows. It really depends on the host and her/his friends.