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Two Opportunities - Trying to figure out how to make the most of them!


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Sep 20, 2005
I have 2 opportunities the last week in May, vastly different opportunites, and I've never done anything like either of them before.

First - My bank does a "business of the week" featured Table in their entry way. I inquired into this last Fall, and discovered it's very popular - the first time I could reserve was the last week of May. So, I have to do a table set up the for that week. I'm trying to figure out what's best to do...I don't really want to do product, because it's in a public place, w/o supervision - I'm afraid my products would walk away! Has anyone done something like this successfully? Have any tips? It's an 8 ft. table.

Second - On Memorial Day, our community has a HUGE Memorial Day Parade. EVERYONE comes out for it. DH has had his classic car in the parade in times past, and is thinking about doing it again this year. I thought that if he did that, I should be registered with him as a business, and walk along side the car, and hand out little info bags to people. (Many businesses do this) So, I'm thinking, recipe cards, my business card w/ a coupon, and smarties or some kind of candy......and wondered if anyone had done anything like this before?

If I was going to order anything from Vistaprint, I'd need to get it done this week - so if anyone has any genius ideas, I'd love to ste...umm, I mean borrow them from you. :D


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Jul 18, 2007
I have done the business of the week at the bank. I would not do product, even my display seasons best walked away! The most success we had with is was to sit with the table on Friday and Saturday and get leads just like a booth. Our bank let us do that.
I have thought about doing our community parade too, so let us know how it goes and good luck.


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Jan 30, 2008
I would set out any old catalogs you have with a sticker saying to contact you for a new one. Put one or two current catalogs in page protectors in a binder, and hope that no-one walks off with it/them (it should be obvious they are for display only), maybe have a binder with some them show ideas in it, have a couple of sheets for host benefits, maybe some recipe cards (you could run off copies 4 to a page to make it cheaper, so you can leave alot). There are some nice pdfs of gits and entertaining ideas, you could have those in a binder too. Oh, and info about registries and showers, and fundraisers too!

GOt to run,



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Nov 4, 2005
For the bank:
catalogs or mini catalogs (use old ones with the old catalog poem on the front, even)
stand-ups or frames with the current and upcoming specials and a recruiting message
business cards (for when the other literature is gone) - maybe with a coupon on the back
recipe cards (just one type, or people will take one of each and your materials will disappear very quickly)
And I'd check in at the bank every couple of days to replenish the stacks, maybe leave a box under the table with some so that a bank employee can refill the piles, too.

VistaPrint has car magnets that you can get with your info - put them on the car just for the parade. If DH is worried about scratches, put a soft paper towel behind each so that the magnet isn't in direct contact with the paint.
Something substantial is more likely to be remembered - and kept. How about a little cellophane baggie with a roll of Smarties (put a sticker on the candy that says, "Be a Smartie - have a party!" You can use the VP address labels), a business card, and either a recipe card or mini-flyer that has a recipe and info about the services offered through PC. You can use postcards as the flyers or as recipe cards. Micah might even want to help you hand them out!


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Feb 5, 2009
Walmart has boxes of sticker magnets that fit perfectly on the back of a business card. They are like, $16 for 100. I like the smartie idea, and your business card on a magnet, people love fridge magnets, and then they have your info handy!


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Jan 26, 2007
Catalogs and recipe cards at the bank...maybe a stand-up plastic frame with an ad of this month's host specials...maybe a drawing for a "free show" (Free Food)?

Recipe cards work well for me...one I handed out 2 years ago got me a referral from someone who has never ordered from me, but referred her friend and that person and her boss have already spent $120 in the last 2 months. :)


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Jan 21, 2007
Walmart has boxes of sticker magnets that fit perfectly on the back of a business card. They are like, $16 for 100. I like the smartie idea, and your business card on a magnet, people love fridge magnets, and then they have your info handy!

NOOOO :eek::eek::eek: I too was once unaware of the amazing deals at Office Max! You can get them much cheaper. I think about $4 for 50?? It's through our Pampered Perks so you need to print the card.