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Tupperware v/s The Pampered Chef Cookware


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Jun 20, 2005
A good friend of mine (a Longaberger Consultant) tells me that she's going to have a Tupperware Party because her niece has become a consultant. Well, we were talking about Tupperware prices v/s The Pampered Chef prices on cookware. She purchase the 10pc set at her show in Oct for 1/2 off. Well while we are talking I get on the Tupperware website and their 8" skillet is only $75!! :eek: :eek: And I have people at my shows complaining that our skillet is $38!!! I mean really, that's just ridiculous!!
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May 20, 2005
I know, I just went to a tupperware show a couple of months ago and noticed the same thing, made me not feel so bad about the prices of our cookware after I looked through the catalog ;) They also have a roaster that is more expensive also.


I hadnt been to a tupperware party in sooooo long I didnt even know they had cookware!! :p


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Jul 29, 2005
Have you seen it?

It's hideous. The lids have a handle like an iron and they are stainless steel. How hard to keep looking nice must that be?

PC's cookware is so much better and a better value!


Nov 24, 2005

Well you spiked my curiousity about tupperware...so I went to there website and I about fell out of my chair. Their set of cookware was nearly $800.00!!!! :eek: I can't even imagine someone buying those at that price, but maybe I'm just frugle. I don't guess I have been to a Tupperware party in 20 yrs, don't ever hear of anybody selling it anymore. Hey thanks for the flashback...much appreciated!! :p


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Apr 13, 2004
Not to rain on anyone's parade but...

Do not forget one major selling point they have.
It is stainless and not teflon clad aluminum.
You know the stories regarding aluminum and alzheimers.
Otherwise, that is completely nuts!
I love to cook but there is no way on earth I would spend $800 on a set of cookware that I could very easily burn something in and not be able to get clean afterwards. No way, no how!
Someone also told me they have what is called a "limited lifetime warranty".
Meaning there are catches whereas with ours, it is usually no questions asked.

It's actually laughable to think someone would spend that much.
Jul 17, 2005
Tupperware Pots and Pans

I was reading through all of the current postings and came across this one regarding Tupperware pots and pans. I must confess...I absolutely love them. I have a set of PC ones and Tupperware's full set....everything they have made so far.

I love it! It you haven't seen it in person, oh my gosh! You will want to. It's amazing. It's elegant, durable and solid. I noticed someone mentioned something about it must be hard to clean. It is not. You could wipe it down with a paper towel, it's that easy. Not to mention that there is a awesome cleaner for stainless steel products called Dawn Power Dissolver which cleans up the outside so it looks just like the first day you bought it. The handles are rivetted on and it's tri-ply clad which consists of aluminum layered and fused between inner and outer sheets of stainless steel. The thickness of the aluminum core is consistent throughout the base to ensure even and more efficient heat conduction on all cooking surfaces. It's 18/10 gauge stainless steel. Cast hollow handles offer a good grip and stay cool handles when cooking.

The culinary collection pieces easily sell at regular price and right now our whole 7 piece set of half price $360.00 so we have sold out and our on back order, which is unusual for Tupperware (to be on back order). It sells, ladies. Once someone uses it as a demo that's it...Tupperware this year has put almost every piece if their culinary collection on sale at least once this year so it makes it more affordable for those who can't break down to buy it at regular price. I wouldn't...but I certainly would get it for half off as a hostess without a doubt.

I have researched both companies lines and can tell you from personal and professional experience that there is a difference between the two. Try to be opened minded, ladies. It's funny how PC and TW are like the Marines and the Army, always bickering about who's better. There are benefits to both. There was a mention about the limited lifetime warranty, the limited is 10 year on the teflon coating and they do not cover the glass lid should you break it. Other than that it's a lifetime warranty just like everything else they sell to include their chef series knives.

I have sold Tupperware for 9 years and sold PC for 2 years. I love both companies and there are quite a few similarities....and I can honestly say that there are some wonderful things that each company offers that appeals to everyone. We are in business doing the same thing offering a solution to everyone's kitchen problems/needs.


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Apr 13, 2004
Because We must be doing it right!

Not to sound conceeded or anything but apparently we are the only ones with a site like this. Not to mention a bunch of great people who like sharing and doing what we do the best way we can!!!
And the tupperware lady is a PC lady too.


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Jan 21, 2005
Thank you to the Tupperware lady for telling us about your cookware. It's always best to be informed. Personally I feel that even though some of our product lines cross each other we are sellling solutions to our customer's kitchen needs and for the most part we are offering help in different areas.

I sold Tupperware 30 years ago for a couple years and have had my PC business for 3 1/2 years now. Personally I wouldn't sell Tupperware today but then I wouldn't sell most things out there. I have a passion for the PC products and can speak from the heart about our company. But there is a niche out there for each of the companies and we need to support each other.


Apr 22, 2005
Thanks tupperluv!
I always appreciate learning something that will help me know my product, especially how it relates to others on the market. I believe that it shows to my customers that I am very educated and savvy about what is out there.

Your post did a great job comparing tupperware v. pc cookware from your personal & professional experience.