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Tri-Fold Posters / Boards & Such


Feb 23, 2006
Since I didn't have too much of a good day at Curves yesterday, I was thinking about changing up my routine a little bit differently and see how that goes. I have started making a poster board promoting Help Whip Cancer and I have the title there, but I am confused and lost on what else to put on it.

I don't want to leave too much space, but I don't want to crowd it.

This is what I was thinking about mentioning:

  • Enter your name for a chance to win free stuff.
  • $1 of the sale of every exclusive, pink HWC item goes to the ACS
  • A percentage of today's sales goes towards the ACS as well
  • You'll get a free HWC pin by ordering 2 or more HWC items
  • Free information from the ACS about breast cancer

But I can't think of anything else! This isn't a tri-fold board, it's just a larger piece of foam board.
Mar 30, 2006
I like what you already have; I wouldn't put too much or people will just over look most of it. Just hit the highlights and you can tell them more once you get their attention. Hope everything turns out great!!!