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Tote bag for show


Novice Member
Jan 30, 2006
Hi, I am trying to decide on something else to carry cataloges, paperwork, stones etc to and from show and am not sure if the Show to Go carryall tote would work for me or not. It is hard since there are no pictures on the order form. Thanks!
Mar 28, 2006
I love my Show to Go Carry all. It is perfect for paperwork and even stones. It is black with a very faint grey PC logo pattern. I would recommend getting it. I believe you can order it on paperwork supply.


Veteran Member
Aug 24, 2005
I love my carryall tote for shows! I get all 25 folders, plus host packets, plus my cookbooks, my "everything pack" with all the bits of paperwork, my tablecloth, my apron, pens, calculator, calendar, etc etc etc! It is just perfect for shows!