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theNo Show Show (Vent & Asking for Advice)

Main Points

correct me if I'm wrong). He's a great speaker and motivator, and I think he's had a lot of success with his No Show Show. I think one of the things that has helped him is that he's really good at building relationships. If you're ever interested in booking a show, or want to learn more about his program, I recommend reaching out to him.


Aug 24, 2005
The No Show Show

After some really excellent host-coaching on my part (if I do say so myself), and follow-up reminder calls, and a confirmed attendance number of ELEVEN, not a soul showed up to this poor host's party tonight.

What would you have done in this situation? I was making garden ranch pizza and had already rolled out the pizza dough before it was obvious that no one was coming. I went ahead and made the pizza for her & her two kids since she was paying for it, but I would like to have a policy (and a nice way to phrase it) if, God forbid, this ever happens again. I missed out on an evening home with my family, know what I mean? She says she'll still collect orders and make it a catalog show, which is better than nothing, but we all know a catalog show just doesn't do as well as a kitchen show, in terms of sales *or* bookings.

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I'm so sorry this happened to you! :( Obviously it's no reflection on you!!! It sounds like you did all you were supposed and supposedly the host did too. I would be baffled as well. Encourage the host to call EVERY ONE of those people who did not show up. Not to guilt trip them into buying anything, but I really think the host should pass along that nobody showed up! I'm sure they'll ask how the party went and that can be her response. She should offer to show them a catalog, as well as the people she new weren't coming.

It sounds like you handled it well and hopefully it'll turn into a catalog show. As for having some kind of requirement about attendance and/or outside orders, I just think this would be really hard to enforce and kind of uncomfortable (in my opinion). I would love to know how Tom MArston and those high up people enforce something like this. I guess he probably just puts it out there as an expectation. I'm SURE there have been times when 15-20 people didn't show at his shows. It happens to everyone.

I'm interested to see what other people think about making this expecation well known to hosts. Again, sorry about the crappy night you had!!! Just know that it's extremely unlikely that will happen again. Good luck!
It happens

Hey Wendy! Although it's discouraging now, your host just might pull it off. This happened to me last December. Host coaching, no problem. The day of the show came and loe and behold ONE person showed up. And it wasn't even the person she booked off of!! ha ha I tried to encourage my host (myself as well!) in the meantime. She ended up closing at almost $700 in outside orders!
See, there's still hope. Hang in there! Let us know how it goes, k?

Keep your head high,
I drove 50 miles to a show that had rescheduled a time or two. She had the host she booked from, the past host's husband (was s'posed to be a couples' show), and one other woman til well into the demo when another lady showed up after her work shift.

I was disappointed, because it was s'posed to be this great show, and she was a former consultant, and she was planning to sign up with me that night. Well, low sales, one booking, and she didn't sign.

Then a couple of weeks later she called my house and left a message, then called my cell and left a message, that she'd definitely made up her mind and wanted to sign that day!

She got her quick start box tonight, already has 4 bookings, and can't wait til her kit comes in!!!

Who is Tom Marston??

Okay, this is probably something I should already know, but I have to confess I have no idea who Tom Marston is! :confused:
But as far as having "expectations"--jeez, I'm excited if it's a SHOW--if I get a BOOKING!!! Never mind having rules about how many people there might be!!
On the other hand, difference places and clientel are different. Maybe the people he consults for are perfectly capable of high-attendance parties and so he makes his time seem more important by refusing to let them waste it.
It's a nice idea, but I don't see me doing this to my hosts! :rolleyes:

I'm sure there are consultants who know his stats much better than I do, but he's a top PC salesperson. For 2004, he was the top; I'm not sure about years past, but he's always up there (I think he sold $227,000 last year; someone please correct me if I'm wrong). He does a LOT of fundraisers.

For the no-show show, we've definitely all had them, but like others have posted, maybe she'll pull through with outside orders. I had one show where I drove over an hour, and 2 people showed upout of the 11 confirmed. One guest, and her sister. We closed the show at over $800, and the guest's sister booked her own show and subsequently signed on, so it didn't end up too badly :D .

I don't tell people how many guests they should have, but if someone calls me and says they only have 2 coming, I'll ask them if they would like to reschedule (because 9 times out of 10, one of those 2 will cancel 10 minutes before the show ;) ). When I'm host coaching, I always tell them if they have to clean the house for 3 people, then why not just have 15? Plus I really focus on the host benefits. If the average person spends $30-40, having 3 people order probably won't qualify as a show. (On the show planner, I highlight the $700 sales line and write "20 orders will get you here").

I hope this helps!

To increase my attendance (and it has), I now mail my invitations for the host. I ask her for their addresss AND phone number, and email address, if available. I mail her invites two weeks in advance, I call the guests 1 week later to follow up. Then I tell the host to make the final call two days before the show. It's so much easier for me to get through the list of names, then my host. Plus, when I call with excitement in my voice, the guest knows that it's going to be a fun show, and they are more likely to come.

For example, I'll say something like:
"Hi ____, this is Rebecca Bilyeu, Susie's Pampered Chef consulant. I just wanted to call and remind you that Susie's show is Thurday, August 25, and we will be starting the show at 7pm. We are having a Hawaiian Luau theme, so be sure to wear your wildest Hawaiian shirt, because I'll have a special prize for the guest who's wearing the ugliest Hawaiian shirt at the show! We'll be making the Hawaiian Chicken Stir fry, and it's going to be lots of fun! Plus, guests who arrive on time will get an extra ticket into the drawing! Please feel free to bring a guest--I'll give you a gift if you do! I look forward to seeing you at the show! Please feel free to call myself, or Susie, and make a final RSVP! Thanks!

I always hope for answering machines, because I can get through the list faster. :eek: But, when I get a live person, that's fun too, because I can stir excitement into them, and get an answer right then and there whether or not the person will attend.

If they are unable to attend I say, "Well, I'm sorry you're not going to be able to make it. But, there are still ways you can help Susie reach her goal--You can always place an outside order with her, or order online at my website, or, you can book your own Kitchen show, and we can choose a theme of your own, like Mexican Fiesta, Margaritas and Fajitas, or a Sip and Dip show! How does that sound?"

Just a thought--I've also had two shows from my "early days" with PC where 1 guest showed up. One of the shows, I didn't do the demo, and she turned
it into a catalog show. The second, I did the recipe for her family, and added the show to another show and made her the co-host.

I saw a letter on this site that I use and I think it is in recent postings. It bascially has a line that states something like " Although my job is fun it is also my means of income, etc"..it is for cancellations, but maybe you could add on something about attendance expecations in it...

About Tom Marston, I think you get to be a "top seller" so whatever style he uses should be something we think about implementing now, not when we become "big". I believe people who acheive great things were doing great things when they were still small. Remember what they say, be careful for what you ask for b/c you just might get it!!

I have done a show for 3 guests, but I do believe, if no one showed up that I would have encouraged the host to turn it into a catalog show and not do the demo. I think we all learn from the first time, and the way I felt after the 3 guest thing, I do have a policy of 5 guests or more for me to "perform". If not I make it like a catalog show at the house, go through it with them, let them see, touch the products, but no demo, baby!!
Late Comers

Ann F said:
I drove 50 miles to a show that had rescheduled a time or two. She had the host she booked from, the past host's husband (was s'posed to be a couples' show), and one other woman til well into the demo when another lady showed up after her work shift.

I was disappointed, because it was s'posed to be this great show, and she was a former consultant, and she was planning to sign up with me that night. Well, low sales, one booking, and she didn't sign.

Then a couple of weeks later she called my house and left a message, then called my cell and left a message, that she'd definitely made up her mind and wanted to sign that day!

She got her quick start box tonight, already has 4 bookings, and can't wait til her kit comes in!!!


Has anyone got any tips on how to minimise late comers, and how long do you leave it before you start the show if some "definates" have still not arrived?
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I always wait 15 minutes for people to show up. I don't like having to go over the sales receipt twice for late comers. So if they are more than 15 minutes late they just don't hear some things.
I have had a show that I had a hard time getting in touch with the host before the show to hostess coach... I got to her house, not even sure if she'd BE there... She opened the door - whew - and on top of that she said she had over $400 in outside orders already!! I was thrilled! The only person to show, however, was her mother...who had already decided what she wanted and was part of that $400. I did the demo for the host, and her mother... they already knew a lot about PC products...so I tried giving them extra tips... like "use the egg separater as a can strainer"... they still learned a lot and the mother booked her own show.

I would always still count the show as a Kitchen Show... just because no one shows, that host still cleaned her house and bought the food!! She deserves the extra $15 in products!!

When no one shows, SHE FEELS BAD...so put your happy face on, let her know that IT HAPPENS... not just to her. And let her know that she will still get credit for a kitchen show.
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I would definately count it as a kitchen show. She bought the ingredients and cleaned her house. And, I am sure she was embarrassed that her friends didn't show up. Even if I did not cook the food for her I would still count it as a kitchen show. That extra $15 would help to encourage her to get those outside orders. Whatever you do, don't make her feel any worse than she already feels. I would also let her know that she can book a show for a future date.

We have all had bad shows. You just have to laugh it off and move on to the next one. I had a show with a girl who is a consultant for another direct selling company. She said she knew all about how to get lots of people there and have a big show. Well, when I arrived, she was leaving...to go and get the ingredients. She said, "Go on in, my husband is in there and my sister-in-law." I go in, the husband helps me bring my product in, the sister-in-law stays in the bathroom the whole time. There is her husband feeling like he needs to entertain me until she returns...I was actually very uncomfortable being left alone with her husband. She finally returns. The recipe called for the pie crusts that you unfold...she bought frozen pie crusts in a pan. She bought some other things that were wrong also. But, I thought "I can do this. I took the pie crusts out of the pan and rolled them out as best I could onto my stone. It actually didn't turn out too bad. She had 3 buying guests and no outside orders. I ended up putting more orders with it so she would have a show. I have had other shows where the host didn't buy all of the ingredients. It can get pretty funny at times. But, I have learned to improvise!!

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low guest count

It is really unfortunate when you do a show and hardly any guests show up or worse, no guests show up. Also, I understand how you feel when you say you had to be away from your family for a show and it ended up being "no show"! I too have had these kind of problems. I have pondered and have decided what I would do to help change this. I know that some consultants will not do the things I do but here is what I do:

I send the invitations myself. I really like this because I get the contact information for people, no more calling the host several times to get someone's phone number or any other info. Some hosts will not do this because they do not feel comfortable giving out their friends info, so I leave it as an option. I also tell them that the only contact I will make to their guests will be a follow up call six weeks after the show to check on them.

I also call the guests about 1-2 days before the show to see if they have received their invitation (yes, sometimes they get lost in the mail!) and if they will be coming to the show. If they cannot come I ask if they would like a catalog, if they do then I already have their address to drop one off or have the host do it.

I also call the guests after the show, this is called a MAC; morning after call. I also speak to the host about the people that didn't come and ask if I should contact them to see if they are interested in a catalog.

I like to make the calls to the guests because it is much easier for me to do it and spend 30 seconds to a minute on each guest. It is harder for the host to do this because they are her friends and tend to take more of her time on the phone. Other direct sell companies do this and I have had them call me and I feel important that she would take her time to call me and it also seems more professional. Also, many people are busy and would like to come but just forget about it! It takes less pressure off the host to not "bother" her friends.

I have had hosts tell me that it makes it easier for them that I do the invites and calls and actually makes it more inticing to do a show because it is not that much work for them!

What it all boils down to for me is this is my business. It is not the "hosts job" to make everything work. I have been trained in many wonderful ways and have many wonderful resources like this posting board, to make things easier for me! The host does plenty of things to deserve the extra $15 hospitality benefit for hosting a show. The hospitality benefit says is is a thank you for hosting a Kitchen Show in your home and providing recipe ingredients. It does not say anything about sending out invites and taking all afternoon to make your calls.

I may have a little more time than some consultants, but these are the things I have decided to do and I have seen a great benefit at my shows!

My last show was not a great example of attendance, only 3 people came and one was the host's mother-in-law, but this host's show is so far going to reach $500 with at least two bookings! Those were because I got on the phone and also coached the host after the show.

I hope these tips help you as much as they helped me! I did not make this up myself, some I learned from here and some I learned from National Conference!

sorry it was so long! :eek:

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When I said I turn it into a catalog show, I meant focus on getting outside orders and not do the demo..it would still be "counted" as a Kitchen Show..

by no means would I take away her $15!!! That's just wrong!!!
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Beware of Expectations

When my boss heard I started with Pampered Chef, she was like "well I will never order anything from them ever again". She only had two people show up to her show, and her sales didn't reach over $300. Her consultant told her that it really was a wasteof her time for a show under $350. :eek: So I empathized with her and still showed her the catalog and she ended up placing an order that went from 75 to 100 to 150 dollars. So you never know!
Also, my second show was at my former neighbors house. Only three people showed, but two of them spent over $100 and all LOVED the recipe i made, I got one booking and one potential recruit, as well as about a $500 show (only 150 of which was outside orders) and these are not wealthy people. So my point is DONT PRE JUDGE!!!!
Just like any other job, there are days you may feel like you are wasting your time, but keep a smile on your face because its how we stay in business.
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Unfortunately, I have in this job you just have to take the good hosts with the bad. I've had a couple of horrible experiences, too. One host called the morning of her show to cancel and gave me the excuse that her aunt was in an accident or something, but she wanted to reschedule. I host coached her and every time she said she had people coming and everything was fine. The show was an hour from my home, so I even called the morning of the show to double-check and her husband answered and told me she "must be at the store," so I went ahead and drove all the way to her house. When I got there, NO ONE was there, no host, no husband, and certainly no guests. this woman knew about the show, knew she wasn't going to have the show, and didn't even have the common courtesy to tell me so, she just ditched me. I was so angry I couldn't see straight. I left a note on her door telling her I had come and I would have appreciated a call from her beforehand letting me know she didn't want to have the show. It was over a year ago and I am still angry about it. I have never called her since and I think I even deleted her from my contacts. LOL

Another horrible host was my son's former pre-school teacher. Her first show, only 2 people showed, and she said 10 had RSVPed they were coming. She ended up getting enough orders to submit the show and booked another for a few months later. Only one person showed for that one and every time I tried to get in touch with the host, she didn't have time to talk and never called me back. I ended up gathering enough orders to make a show, left messages telling her if she didn't call me back, I was going to submit it myself and she wouldn't get the host benefits - and that is exactly what I did. I have never heard from her. Some people just don't get it! :mad:
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Yikes, sorry so long

Wow, good for you for taking the initiative and doing that. Even though it probably means you'll lose out on her as a repeat host, it's probably better that way! And it shows that you run a good business. That's what a lot of hosts don't get....that this is our business. Sure, for some it's mainly a hobby, but it's still a business and even if the host doesn't treat it that way, her guests are expecting that WE treat it that way.

I recently had a host make me question how far I'm willing to go to please other people, forgetting what the reasons are behind me doing this business. I've posted about this before, but basically she knew I've done lots of "Cooking with Kids" shows and she wanted me to do one for her daughter and her friends. After she booked her Cooking with Kids party with me, decided to turn it into something totally un-Pampered Chef. She decided that she wouldn't have the moms come to the party. Just the kids. Moms would come pick them up at the end and get catalogs. Her reasoning was that her friends all knew PC and if they were going to order anything, seeing a show wasn't going to affect what they purchased. She said she knew the moms would rather spend an afternoon on their own without their daughters. Nevermind the fact that it was a cooking WITH kids show. She basically wanted me as entertainment for her daughter's little party. I'm not a party clown! This "conversation" was occurring through email. I was going to email her back my feelings on this (because I obviously had a lot: this is my BUSINESS, the business of PC got started to get families TOGETHER, the kids aren't directly my customers although they're part of it, and since's she's SOOO familiar with PC she should also understand that my business is built on bookings and it's impossible to generate bookings from kids, etc etc), but my director strongly encouraged me to talk to her by phone. As much as I wanted to just deal with this woman through email (partly to avoid any confrontation, which I hate), my director was right. Any emails I sent could have come across as bitchy and totally not what I intended. YOu just don't get the personal connection and nonverbal input through email that you do in a face to face or phone conversation. I was uncomfortable doing it, but I'm so glad I did. I stepped outside of my comfort zone and was pretty glad I did. I suggested to the woman that I"d be happy to provide her with some fun kids' recipes so SHE could plan the party with her daughter and her friends. Then if she wanted to, she could hold a catalog show on the side and generate orders. That's basically all she wanted me for anyway. I even tried to compromise and asked if she could invite the moms for a REALLY quick recipe and quick demo at the end of the party when they came to pick kids up. She wasn't willing to budge on this. So...I tried, but stuck to my principles of why I do this business!

Well, a little update...she then emailed me a few weeks later and basically said she's giving me another chance to do the party. I told her I'd still be happy to provide her with a packet to hold a catalog show alongside her daughter's party. She was acting like she was doing me a favor. Then she said she'd find another consultant to do the party (and she probably would...but that's just not how I run my business). I told her I was fine with that and I wished her well in planning her daughter's party. Very nice and professional. Then I got an email a week later asking me to remove her from my email list. Which I was totally fine doing. I had SOOOO many comebacks I could have emailed back but I refrained. :)

So, here's another example of how some people just don't get it!!! Luckily they don't come around too often. :D
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pamperedbecky said:
I'm not a party clown!

It is unbelieveable that someone would actually think you would be okay with that! :rolleyes: I am glad you stuck to your principles and refused. Unfortunately, she probably found another consultant who was new and needed the booking and didn't know any better. :( I know it's hard to be professional sometimes, but it's the right thing to do.
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It happened to me

Lastnight I went to a party that was a mess. This host was no stranger to PC this was her 5th show. It had been 2 years since her last one and she was very excited with the new products and so on. She and I mailed out 47 invites, she did follow ups all week 13 people said they were coming. I get there at 6:30pm and her house is a mess(there was dirty q-tips on her kitchen floor) so she spent 20min cleaning a space for me to put my stuff. Well 7:00pm rolls around.......nobody.....by 7:15 six people had called to cancel.At 7:18 one lady showed. :eek: I did the demo and the lady ordered $27.00 worth. What the heck do I do now. The host told me she would go out this week and make sure all her "friends" would place orders. What do I do if nothing else happens? I don't want to charge this lady full shipping!! I hope this never happens to me again :mad:
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Is this the time to vent? :D

I just had a host cancel and rescedule from Aug to Oct. Her show was to be this Sun. I called and emailed. I left messages after messages according to my calendar and backing with my emails. So guess what? on the 3rd call, this past sun., I left her a message telling her that since I have not heard a single word from her I am going to have to CANCEL her show. I also added that if she did mail invites or have orders then she needs to call right away to get this party started. Well it's friday now and no word!
She is a 45 min. drive from my home and I don't want the runaround! I have other priorties and gold in my gas tank! At least that's what I thought I bought when I looked at the pump. I was working my schedule around her and not one return phone call. My director was so suprised at me that she didn't know what to say and that's saying something :D (Love you C.) Sometimes you just need to know when to say enough is enough!

I also have had two shows, back to back as a matter of fact, that had dismal attendence. One had one guest and the other, not one person showed, but at least I got to coach them and they still turned out to be good shows and I hit my goals that month.

One thing I have learned from this is I am going to stress the TEAM WORK in order to have a successful show. I always tell them I will call, but now when I am going to call.
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Hey, If they were all good shows would we really appreciate them?
I have only been a consultant for a couple of months and found this site quite by accident!! talk about striking GOLD!!!
It's empowering to hear that it ain't all sunshine and roses.
I appreciate that the replies are full of with solutions and not just pitty party stuff. I have had 9 shows, qualified as super starter month 1, a hug and a kiss away from month 2 super starter and still have 4 shows to close by tuesday. so far the biggest problem I've had is the host picking recipies I've never heard of and cannot find. I'm extremely confident in my cullinary skills but 3 of these shows have been like the Iron Chef for Petes sake!!
I'm glad I've read so many of these kind of posts because it gives me a heads up to whats coming (9 good shows says the new guys luck is about to run out! OH goody) But I have the advice of experience to get through it.
thank you
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hiNo show to a show

I know exactly how you feel. This just happened to me on Friday. The one person who did end up showing up showed up an hour later because she thought it started at 8:00 instead of 7:00. I couldn't believe my eyes. I still did the whole presentation. It was a little uncomfortable. The host told me that she is going to try and get some outside orders. I hope so. But this isn't the best part. The host had to leave and pick up her daughter and my car was blocking hers in the driveway. I gave her my keys so that I can still carry one with my presentation. Well wouldn't you know...she scratched my van and dented the guests brand new truck. Again, I couldn't believe my eyes. I guess I learned my lesson. Nevertheless, I really hope she does get those outside orders and I can close the show.

Mirella Canavan
Independent Future Director
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Ladybug--re:5 guest policy

ladybug said:
I have done a show for 3 guests, but I do believe, if no one showed up that I would have encouraged the host to turn it into a catalog show and not do the demo. I think we all learn from the first time, and the way I felt after the 3 guest thing, I do have a policy of 5 guests or more for me to "perform". If not I make it like a catalog show at the house, go through it with them, let them see, touch the products, but no demo, baby!!

Do you tell your hosts this policy as you are discussing the show? Just so they know beforehand? Is it well received and has anyone ever said, "Well I know I won't have more than 4, so I'll just cancel" ? I'd like to implement something like this myself just to give host's incentive for getting their attendance up.

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