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SuperBowl Party Open House - Need Tips

Oct 23, 2005
I have never done an open house but I need to have a January show (the ones I had moved to Feb!!) I am thinking a Super Bowl theme with the touch down taco dip and the batter bowl football cake but I have no idea how to make that cake and would love instructions and a photo if possible along with open house ideas. I plan to close the show in time for them to receive their products by superbowl time. Suggestions?



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May 24, 2005
i did the football cake it was very easy to do soory no pic.
what i did after baking the cake was to take it out of the bowl cut it in half lengthwise lay the 2 pieces on a platter i did cut the sides down so they would fit together (hope that makes sense) then i frosted it brown then put a white stripe down the middle to look like a football.
Bottom part of cake (from bowl) is the tip of the football top part of cake
(from bowl) is what i cut down to put together


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Oct 22, 2005
Feb. date

FYI - the Superbowl is the first Sunday in February this year - not January....BEE