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Spring/Summer Sample Products


Jan 31, 2005
This may seem dumb but I had a question for those who have already hosted shows with the new Spring/Summer catalogs....Did you have the Spring/Summer Sample products displayed at your shows? My recruiter had them set out at a meeting and I thought it looked terrific! Do you get the same reaction from customers? Are there any benefits to having them there as opposed to not having the new products there? I assume that it does but was wondering what everyone else thought. Thanks!!



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Mar 15, 2005
New spring Products

Erica, Is nice to have the New Products but not needed Old customers kind of need to see new stuff cause they say thewy have EVERYTHING but they really don't . I have had 2 shows in March and have sold the Prep bowls and colored scrapers , and the Meat tenderizer. If you really talk about the new products you will sell them and in time see what you sell and only buy them for now. Doreen Future Director in Ct


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Feb 14, 2005
One idea. I really wanted some of the new Spring products. The items I really wanted were only in the largest sample pack . So, what I did was order that pack -the $150.00 pack- and then sell off the stuff I did not want. I ended up recooping all my money! I really only wanted the prep bowls, the meat tenderizer, one of the colored spatulas, the stainless steel bowls and a couple others. It worked out great. Now I have what I think is gonna be big sellers and I was not out any money. I am in this business to make money not spend it. Oh, and have a great time. :)


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Feb 2, 2005
You do not have to take all the products. If you take too many products, possible recruits think "that is too much stuff to carry. I don't want to have to carry all that stuff around". However, with the new spring products there isn't a lot, so you could take them all if you wanted. You might consider taking a scraper in 1 color, the trivet in another color, the towel, 1 stainless steel bowl and meat tenderizer for display. You could use some of the prep bowls and the new simple addition pieces in your demo. Or, if you want to take it all, just say something like "I normally don't carry this many products with me, but I am so excited about the new Spring lineup I just had to show you". I know when the cranberry colored stonewear pieces came out, I just took 1 piece to show the new color.

Shawnna :)
Mar 25, 2005
I was told by several sucessful consultant say that use the tool that works the best, your catalog, now your catalog, where the products are and talk about them. Only take the tools you need for the recipe and talk about the rest. Better still get yourguest to talk about them. If you yourself want the new products cool, but dont feel like you have to lug them with you.
Remember keep it simple for yourself and those potential recruits who are watching you.