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Small Square Woven Basket Seen It???


Sep 26, 2005
Hey, I am working for my favorite consultant. She is in the process of finishing her move to NC. I am actually packing up her house for her. Well today I packed up a lot of her PC items.

I packed up all her woven pieces from PC. I noticed a small square woven basket that is not for sale in the catalog. Do you think PC wll start selling that small square basket in the future? I haven't emailed my consultant who has moved to NC yet. I am so exhausted from packing all day. But I thought I would see what you girls thought. :p

Tricia Ann


Senior Member
Jul 31, 2005
chef131doreen said:
Yes I have seen it its beutiful,and very cute but It was given at confrence only . The only thing we can hope for is next season to sell it .
Doreen Zaino [email protected] :p

A bunch of us want that! And have requested that they do make it available. I want one too!


Advanced Member
Oct 7, 2005
saw this at the mall show i was just doing with my recruiter (she must have gotten it at conference).. it's really pretty.. perfect size for napkins (which is what we had in it) to put on a buffet table or something..

knowing my house, it'd just get filled with junk! :D

oh how i'd love to have the wovenware.. it's beautiful!