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Pampered Chef: Should I be worried (concerns Show to Go incentive)

  1. Kristen

    Kristen Member

    As of Sunday October 30th, I had total sales of $1849.97 for September and $1910.00 for October (nothing in August), for a total of $3759.97 towards the Show to Go incentive.

    Early Monday morning (the 31st), I submitted a catalog show w/me as the host. The only items on the order were 10 $25 gift certificates that a real estate agent friend had bought from me. I also used the $10 in free product value and ordered the host special (Meat Lifters for $10).

    This order has still not shown up in my Super Starter Tracking or in my Individual Performance Tracker. A kitchen show order I submitted yesterday on the 1st has already shown up in both of these places.

    Should I be worried that the catalog show hasn't shown up yet in my tracking? I called HO twice on this and each time they've said, "Oh, that's because this order is on hold." Then when they look into it further, "Oh no, you did everything right. It shouldn't be on hold." So why is it????

    I'm getting frustrated and concerned that this $250 catalog show isn't going to earn me that 3rd piece of the Show to Go!

    Sorry this is so long, but I'm not getting much help from HO so I thought I'd ask here.
    Nov 2, 2005
  2. jenniferlynne

    jenniferlynne Senior Member

    I had something similar happen to me once. I had an order that was showing up, but was just sitting and not doing anything. I called and they said my order was on hold and I would have to talk to Customer Service. I sat on hold with them forever and finally hung up. Then later in the day I called back and talked to someone. He said he saw no reason why it should be on hold and put it back into production. I'm wondering how long it would have sat there had I not called to find out what was going on, because no one contacted me.
  3. DZmom

    DZmom Veteran Member

    I didn't think you could use the free product $$ to purchase the monthly host special? Maybe that is why the order is being held up.
    Nov 2, 2005
  4. Kristen

    Kristen Member

    Oh, I didn't make that very clear. I used the $10 on the Nylon Tool Set and then spent an add'l $10 on the Meat Lifters.
    Nov 2, 2005
  5. bbauman07

    bbauman07 Veteran Member Gold Member

    Next time you contact HO, I would just ask them. You would think that since it was an incentive that they would give it to you. But I do know putting a show on hold can effect your commission so it may effect your bag. :(
    Nov 2, 2005
  6. ChefNic

    ChefNic Veteran Member

    I would think they would see that you submitted the show in time, and that is what counts, not when it is shipped out.
    Nov 3, 2005
  7. PampMomof3

    PampMomof3 Legend Member Gold Member

    I was just curious, what happened with this?? Did you officially earn the Show-to Go?
    Dec 13, 2005
  8. Kristen

    Kristen Member

    Hi Kristi,
    Yes! I did earn the 3rd piece - thank goodness. :D I had a show on hold for several days and never really did figure out what the problem was. It was an order for 10 gift certificates, which HO found suspicious for some reason. After many hours on the phone with them, they finally released the order and I qualified for my piece. Now I'm just waiting for it to arrive. :(
    Dec 13, 2005
  9. Why Don't They Call?

    I don't understand why HO never calls us on shows that are held. Whenever I have a payment issue or a shipping issue I get a call at 6:30 am. I'M IN CALIFORNINA!! HELLO I AM SLEEPING!! But when it is something as simple as who made the order and why, they should have called you. I had that happen to me when a show was on hold for some reason but they didn't know what for. It took a couple days for it to show up on cc.

    I know HO is busy but sometimes a one minute call is faster!
    Dec 13, 2005
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