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Shells for "Chocolate Mousse in Crispy Shells"


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Jul 7, 2005
We tried some different things at a cluster meeting - If you have some "fancy cooks" at a show, you can actually make a kind of snowflake on the crepe with your kitchen shears by cutting a few more random holes. It really adds dramatic flair, and is not hard to do. Experiment at home before trying it at a show. Stay away from the base of the shell - you need some substance there to hold the mousse.

Make your foil balls ahead, and bring them with you.

If you have a packed house and lots of guests, you can use Wonton Wrappers - cut them with the daisy/flower bread tube, for a similar effect, and pop them in your mini muffin pan. I understand this is a kind of thing some very successful consultants do for "mega shows" with multiple hosts and 1 big demo.

For wonton wrapper shells, be sure to brush or sprtiz the inside with a little water, and shake a little cinnamon/sugar on the shell.

At our cluster meeting, we even tried this with pie crust, but it was way too thick and heavy for the light mousse. Crepes or won ton shells work OK.
What have you found with the crusts?