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Pampered Chef: Sheet pans buckling

  1. jbdowd0798

    jbdowd0798 Veteran Member Gold Member

    Hi All,

    I thought I saw a thread a while back about our sheet pans and problems some have had.

    I just had a customer call and tell me her sheet pans are buckling in the oven but once they cool they are flat again. She's making cookies at 375 so I know she's not over doing the heat. She has a new oven so I don't think its that either.

    Can someone help me find that thread. I did a search and could find the right one. And/or tell me your experience.


    Dec 14, 2009
  2. JAE

    JAE Legacy Member

    Yep. Mine buckles, too, but it goes flat soon after I take it out of the oven. It doesn't buckle every time. I didn't look for that thread but I remember reading it. HO says high end cookies sheets all buckle. It's normal. Cheap ones don't un-buckle.
    Dec 14, 2009
  3. nancycookspc

    nancycookspc Member Gold Member

    here was the response for test kitchens-

    As for the Cookie Sheets, yes they are thinner and because 2 of the edges do not have sides, there will be some flexing during baking sometimes. However, the Sheet will go back to it's original shape once removed from the oven. We found all competitive Sheets like this design do flex slightly.
    Rose The Pampered ChefTest Kitchens

    Dec 14, 2009
  4. esavvymom

    esavvymom Legend Member Staff Member

    Are you talking the Sheet Pans? (the ones with the edges) or the Cookie Sheet Pan..

    The cookie sheet one will roll every so often. BUT in my personal experience using my Cookie sheet, it buckled (especially when I first was using it), but always has gone back and keeps it's shape beautifully. I've used mine alot lately too, and they still look great.

    if they DON'T go back to shape- then she may want to inquire further for warranty.
    Dec 14, 2009
  5. baychef

    baychef Senior Member Silver Member

    I did a marathon Christmas baking session yesterday...fun at first but after spending the entire day baking and still having to decorate cookies, the fun just wore off!!!

    Glad this thread was started as I was disappointed in the cookie sheet buckling. However, I loved the surface and the cookies seemed to bake just a nicely on it as the stones I was also using.

    My back didn't bend at the end of the day. Dang my age is catching up with me:(.
    Dec 14, 2009
  6. mrshamel3808

    mrshamel3808 Member Gold Member

    I was wondering about that! Mine buckles tpo, I baked 9 dozen (at least) sugar cookies today and didn't notice it buckling but in the past I've noticed it. I wondered because I won it at a team meeting so I wondered if maybe it was damaged while she had it stored (though it's new so it wouldn't have been in storage for so long). Nice to know it's completely normal. It scared me the first time because it made a loud pop sound in the oven!
    Dec 15, 2009
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