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Pampered Chef: Rowdy crowd

  1. bbauman07

    bbauman07 Veteran Member Gold Member

    I had my eighth kitchen show the other night. They were a group of seasoned customers and talked through my whole presentation. I even kept it short and sweet for them because they have all been to so many shows before. Has any one else had a crowd like this? I'm concerned about the 2 shows that were booked off of this one. I don't want them talking over me at the next 2 shows I do for this group. Any sugestions would help. Thank you.
    Sep 2, 2005
  2. Shawnna

    Shawnna Senior Member Gold Member

    I have had that problem at a lot of shows. It is very distracting to me, not to mention rude. At one of my first shows I had about 20 guests that were all teachers. They talked and talked until the host finally asked them to be quiet. She said "You would not tolerate this in your classroom when you were trying to teach". She was not rude, was actually very polite and kind of laughed at them and made a joke about it...but it worked.

    This is what I did at my last show and it worked very well. For each product I was using in my demonstration I handed out use and care cards with the catalog page number on them. Then when I needed that product I asked who had that information and asked them to tell us about the product. It got the guests involved and they listened to see when they were going to have to talk. It also helped me to not have to remember the page number for each product.

    Sep 2, 2005
  3. theapronfits

    theapronfits Guest


    What a GREAT tip about the use and care cards! I will be using it. Not only would it keep the chitty-chatty down, all the info will be presented.
    Thanks so much
    Sep 2, 2005
  4. Cindycooks

    Cindycooks Veteran Member Silver Member

    That is an awesome idea. I will definitely try it at my next show. Anything should be an improvement over my last show - the host's sister talked to a friend about her kidney stone (lol) for at least 20 min striaight (no kidding) while I was trying to begin my demo. No one else seemed to mind, they are all pretty much family and were talkng amongst themselves too! I finally just said something like " I bet you are hungry - so lets get started". Then the host's neice (who I willl say it nicely - is a BIG girl) ate 4 plates full of my chicken ring and ordered nothing. She said she didnt have any money and the host got mad and they got into an arguement. All the time, I was sitting there waiting for the guests to bring me their orders. It was very ackward! I can laugh it off now, but at the time I just wanted it over with, done, and to go home! $368 party for all that. Not too bad but could of been better.
    Sep 2, 2005
  5. bbauman07

    bbauman07 Veteran Member Gold Member

    Thanks for the ideas. I will definently try the product care cards. Makes sense though if you keep them involved in the show they are to busy to talk about what they want to.
    Sep 2, 2005
  6. kitchenqueen

    kitchenqueen Member

    That is a great idea!!

    bbauman07 - we've all dealt with a chatty crowd. It is very rude and I find it distracting as well. 3 shows ago, I had a woman talk about the 5 divorces she went through...she more bragged about it than talked about it :rolleyes: BUT when she mentioned staying with husband #6 because of his income, it got very quiet! Needless to say I was able to work again with attention! Try the idea mentioned above at your next shows for sure, especially the ones booked from that show! But don't take it personal...when you get a room full of women you have to expect it. ;) Good Luck at your next shows!
    Sep 2, 2005
  7. acherry

    acherry Member Gold Member

    I normally start out my in my introductions that there are 3 rules at my PC shows...one..Have a FANTASTIC TIME...two...ya'll came to have fun and socialize, but please if you are talking with your neighbor, just do it quietly, so I don't have to be whispering at my husband tomorrow as I'm shouting over you tonight..and three.. Have a FANTASTIC Time...

    It pretty much works for me...just an idea!
    Sep 5, 2005
  8. bbauman07

    bbauman07 Veteran Member Gold Member

    Thank you all again. I will give them all a try. I just closed the show last night and got a 3rd booking, and a possible 4th. So I'm sure I have plenty of practice in a rowdy crowd.
    Sep 7, 2005
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