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Relay for Life Questions


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Jan 4, 2005
I'm starting a new thread so my questions are noticed and don't get lost. I'm sure many of us who are first timers to this have the same questions! Those who have done this before...please HELP!

OK - first. I have edited and save the two HWC flyers that were posted on here a couple weeks ago. How have you all in the past that have sponsered a Relay of Life team used these. Do the participants just pass these around and get orders? For instance, they could drop off a form at a dentist office & the employees order the HWC products on one form - $4 total shipping, then all these forms are combined into one big order, right?

Do the organizations have to have the check from PC in hand before their Relay for Life event? One team is the 21st of May, the other is in April. So for the April event, wouldnt they pretty much have to just do catalog orders and not worry about the pink HWC products since their order would have to be submitted early April to get the check back in time?

For the May group, they could start April 1st and sell thru May 1st, then I submit and their check arrives by May 21st.

Both groups are doing this, I just mainly need to know how to handle the April group & how to handle orders easiest. Thanks!