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Help me with Ideas for a Relay for Life fundraiser!


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Jan 4, 2005
It is the afternoon of April 2 and will be an open house type event. The actual Relay for Life Walk is Appril 22, so this is before our HWC things are available, so it will just be regular PC items. I will need to be bringing fingerfood/appetizer type recipes. I may do one easy demo. I told her I would supply the food as a contribution. Any ideas on fingerfoods? I like the idea of maybe the Touchdown Taco dip and chips, A pizza of some type cut into squares etc....
Any ideas on how I could promote Relay for Life...or how I could go about getting HWC orders ahead of time? I have a couple of the clips from last year, so I could set up a table with that and some order forms, but I do not want to take sales away from this fundraiser. Oh - and I will have my cups and squares by then.
Also - does anyone have a Relay for Life flyer?
Thanks so much everybody! :)