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Pampered Chef: Sales Real Estate Offices

  1. Chef Michelle D

    Chef Michelle D Member

    I was looking at the flyers and saw the one used to send to real estate offices offering the gift baskets. I love the idea and was wondering if anyone has used it and received sales from it. I found some of the gift ideas to be expensive, but I don't know how much money a realtor would spend on a gift. I might put together some of my own suggestions that are a little cheaper.

    Any information would be helpful.


    Michelle De Angelis
  2. D_Patel

    D_Patel Member

    I bought my house one year ago

    and our realtor gave us a $50.00 gift card to Home depot. So I think the ideas the others had would work real well. I really like the Celebrate Plate idea. It is only $24.50 ! I mean you have to figure the realtors make a pretty hefty comission off a sale ! Up here you cant touch a three bedroom house for under $250,000.00, so that would be a $7500.00 comission on that sale ! I think they can afford to spend $50.00 or so ! LOL ! :)
    Sep 25, 2005
  3. rwesterpchef

    rwesterpchef Advanced Member

    I had created a similar letter to the one posted with 6 gift package options and included pictures of each. Prices ranged from $20 - $100, with discounts on purchases greater than $300.
    I mailed about 20, did not do any kind of follow-up, and received no contacts or sales from my cost of time, paper, envelopes and stamps. I believe the only way this form of marketing will be truly beneficial is through FOLLOW UP. If I try it again (and won't any time soon), I will send the info through email, then phone call follow up to determine interest and then mail additional info.
    Sep 25, 2005
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