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Queen for a day, what would you put in...


Veteran Member
Feb 17, 2006
My son's school has a yearly carnival with raffle baskets for each class. His class basket's theme is Queen for a Day and every child is supposed to donate something for the basket whether it's a product or cash. What PC products would you give to put in the basket that falls within this theme? I am also doing a basket for just PC stuff in addition to the class basket.

Mar 2, 2006
hmm, you said product or cash. Not sure if a gift certificate would qualify. That way they might could "pamper" themselves.. I do like the soap and lotion idea though:)


Senior Member
Jan 17, 2006
Gift certificates are good or....

Gift certificates for FREE products $?? any amount you wish to give and then another one that says something like this:
You can earn up to $40 off your starter kit to begin a career as a Pampered Chef. Earn extra money, FREE products, trips, gift certifcates, and jewelry with a flexible schedule. Call me to find out how! Your name 555-555-55555

If they do call tell them how if they host a show they can earn FREE products and all the other great host benefits, and if they choose they can use some of that FREE product value to pay for their start up kit which is only $90 and tell them what that includes.

Or the products you can include in the basket are:
Celebrate plate with a cool recipe
Coffee and more cups with a PC tea or coffee packet
Classic batter bowl with the recipe for one bowl brownies included
Small bar pan with Season's best included
Pizza Crust roll mix with Small round stone
Recipe cards
Jar opener, easy opener and can strainer to make life easier
The list is endless!!! BE creative!!

Remember to get your name on the stuff somehow to advertise your products! Also April is kit enhancement month so I'm not sure when you will need this but 40% off is a great way to donate.



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Feb 17, 2006
Thanks guys, I love the ideas. I was thinking the lotion and soap too with a gift certificate. And then for the other PC basket I was thinking the celebrate plate, small batter bowl, cutting board, whisk, some other small stuff and a gift certificate. I also love the idea of putting something in for recruiting possiblities.

Thanks again and if any one else has ideas, I welcome them too!


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Jun 22, 2005
amya said:
Maybe some of our tea and coffee?
LOVE The tea idea!
Queen's and their cups of tea!... depending on the price you want to spend... the SA Coffee and More Mugs with the tea!