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Nov 17, 2004
:confused: :eek: Hello, I need help. I have just moved and cannot find my policies and prodcedures, but I need to know what they are concerning APO/FPO shows. I have a lady who wants to do a book show from Japan, she is stationed on a military post. Please let me know asap.

Jeri Lynn Owen


Veteran Member
Jun 20, 2005
I believe that she and all her guests must live on the base (so she has a US address).

I will read up a little better after I drop off my son at school and get back with you. I remember reading about this somewhere, but PC took the FAQ search link off their website when they redid it.


Apr 20, 2005
Have you called HO and asked them. Sometimes they don't know the answer immediately, but they can check on it and get back to you. I would try that route and let us know what you find out. Good Luck!


Veteran Member
Jun 20, 2005
It says that if you plan on conducting business on a US Military base overseas, then you must contact HO for a detailed policy and procedure list. I do remember someone saying that they were stationed in Germany and were not able to sell to anyone that lived off base even though they were US citizens. SO you must have an American address.


There are always fuzzy definitions even in strict military guidelines. Some say you can sell, some say you can't. Some say you have to hold the party on base, some say you cannot use the base (or military PO for that matter) for a private business. I think it is basically up to the commander of that base and branch of service.
Since you are doing it as a catalog show, I guess it would fall under "mail order" rules. While I don't know the actual policy, I can tell you the common practice here. The commander here is a bit anal about the "no home-based business" thing. Neither the Host nor Consultant has the items sent to her APO to distribute among the guests (because there is a 15% charge on the total order). Everyone has the products they've selected sent to their individual APOs. Again, I don't know PCs rules on this but some people buddy-up with another person to share shipping costs -- two buddy orders sent to one APO address for the highest shipping price. I think the PC shipping prices are very fair compared to what it would be to send through regular mail to a foreign country. Direct Shipping rate is listed on the Outside Order sheets, but I'll list it below. The Consultants I know accept cash, checks and credit cards and usually deposit the checks into an individual bank account used exclusively for PC. Since she is in Japan and you are in the US, I imagine you would accept checks drawn on a US bank, but probably credit card is easiest and fastest as it can be done via telephone or e-mail.

Here are the Direct Shipping Rates:

$ value of order...shipping charge
up to $9.99............$4.60
$65.00 and over......$13.70

That $13.70 is a fantatic rate! Especially for heavy items such as pots and pans. I've bought things from e-bay and other auction sites in the US & Canada. You can't beat PCs general shipping rate; especially when you consider the fact that the products take only about a week to get here (usually it's 10 days when shipping falls during a Federal holiday). I'm not sure about shipping time to Japan; I'm in Europe.