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Open House Games

Feb 3, 2015
Each new season I host a open house where I play games with my guests, have the new products on display and feed them food. I used to demo something but I just stopped when people started losing interest so I just went with all games for Pampered Chef prizes or logo items I order for Merrill.

I have played the Queen of Shoppers but changed it to Champion of Shoppers since I do have men that attend. I have also done a game similar only they use animal sounds when they find the page. I have done the left right game and played bingo. I have done a points game and the most popular has become an auction game. I read a list that has a certain point value. For each point they have is how much money they have in their "bank" to bid on wrapped product. Highest bidder gets the prize.

I want to do the banana points game I found in the files and then they can use their banana in a banana split station. I'm also going to have them to dress up another banana and when they come in I will assign them a number or letter or something and then all the guests will vote on who has the best dressed banana. I want to the left right game again but the version I have just does not work well with crowds because they end up passing it back and forth between the same people. I will either do the Champion of Shoppers game again or do the animal sound game again since it has been about a year. Of course the auction game.

Anyone have any fresh new games that work great with a crowd? Usually have between 30 and 40