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Office Party mostly males

Brenda K.

Gold Member
Mar 17, 2005
HI everyone, I have never done one of these before so I need my fellow consultants help. I am doing an open house office party for a mostly all male office. They are also having Tastefully Simple there. I want to make this a success. I do not think I will demonstrate an actual recipe but I will have food there. I will also have products out so they can try them out.

What would make this a success? What kind of food should I serve, products to bring etc. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated either by posting or email me directly. THANK YOU!

Brenda K.
Independent Future Director for PC


Legend Member
Feb 15, 2006
I'd suggest maybe the savory sandwich ring (in the All the Best I think) or the touchdown taco dip. Take the BBQ tools and self sharpening knives for them to check out. Those are my hubby's favorites. Good luck!


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Apr 13, 2004
Do not forget the Kitchen Shears

These are so great in the tool box it isn't funny. I have used them on everything from light rope to light wire and have not damaged them at all. They work great in the tackle box too! The Self Sharpening Utility Knife is one to point out as well in the tackle bax.

Chef Kearns

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Feb 8, 2005
From my experience with males at parties...they love to see it in action or test it out themselves. So If I were you I would do the cucumber/potato demo. I like the idea of the Savory Sandwich Ring. If you have the new Chillzanne Sectional Server I would serve it in there, just pre-cut it.


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May 18, 2005
Don't forget the women in their lives!

Even though it will be mostly men, don't forget to point out that Pampered Chef items make wonderful gifts! The SA caddy and bowls filled with chocolates, coffee, and a gift certificate to a spa would be a wonderful Mothers' Day gift (or any holiday)!

I think one (or more) of the sandwich rings would be great - it'll fill 'em up!

Good luck,


Nov 9, 2005
I'd make sure you talk about the cookware. My husband loves the cookware. Either bring one or two pieces and talk about the wonderful nonstick qualities...don't have to keep in sink to soak...it seems most men go for the savory instead of sweet...maybe you could serve some pepperoni and cheese bites in the simple additions platter...if you satisfy their appetite, then they may be more willing to listen. Good luck!!!


Senior Member
Jul 31, 2005
Don't forget to bring all things PRETTY to suggest as Mother's Day's gifts! If they order now they CAN get it in time for Mother's Day. Give suggestions on how to dress things up, offer to wrap. Remind that mom might appreciate the thoughtfulness of a little something from the kids.... Show the Ultimate Slice & Grate (tomatoes & onions for those BBQs).

Good luck!

Be sure to have something about the full-time pay this fun p-t hours job can earn ~ maybe they will connect you with their wives.
Jan 24, 2006
I have found that men like to spend money...more money than women do at shows. Especially if the tools/products make something really yummy. If you make the pull apart bread and tell them how easy the skillet cleans up they will for sure want to buy the entire set of cookware...men hate to clean pots & pans!


Veteran Member
Oct 22, 2005
what fun

This sounds like fun. I'd ask if the men cook, grill or open. Many men clean the dishes so might be very interested in the nonstick cookware for themselves. The celebrate plate would be great since it's on sale. I agree that men like gadgets so knives, food chopper, cookware, shears and tool-turn about are good options. Good luck. Tell us how it goes...BEE