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Pampered Chef: Sales Never pre-judge a potential customer

  1. adventurechef

    adventurechef Member

    This recently happened to one of my hosts and I will use it as an example in future host-coaching.

    A few days after my Host had her Kitchen Show her husband was chatting with one of his co-workers in a logging mill. They live in an area where logging, hunting and fishing are the way of life. The husband and his co-worker were talking about fishing and what to do with salmon. The husband said they smoke or can it. The co-worker then said "when you can it, put in some garlic. I use this Pampered Chef Garlic Presser." The husband laughed and said his wife just had a P.C. Party. The logger, single and in his 50's, said you should have let me know, I'll never go to a party with all those women, but I will order. Needless to say, when my Host has her next Party in November she will be letting this logger know.

    I realize that sometimes we may discount someone thinking they will not be interested in the product or opportunity. I personally have to work on changing my thinking and ask everyone, including my husband's co-workers.
    Sep 21, 2005
  2. kdoc


    You're so right!

    I had the father of one of my hosts show up to her party. I thought that was nice of him but I really just thought he showed up for the food. Boy was I wrong! He bought over 200.00 worth of cookware. I couldn't believe it :D
    Sep 21, 2005
  3. dianevill

    dianevill Senior Member Gold Member

    Men eat too!

    And lots of them do the cooking! Most of my friends buy PC items for their husbands, not for themselves!

    You just never know!

    Sep 21, 2005
  4. Chef Michelle D

    Chef Michelle D Member

    When my father retired he started cooking a lot, this was about 10 years ago. I had a pc party and he bought a lot of things, you are right a lot of men love to cook and they love the gadgets. You never know how is a cook in a family, my best friends chlidren love to cook. I think one of her sons (he is 15) will good to school to become a chef.
  5. Christyinhi

    Christyinhi Novice Member

    My brother in law is a Marine. A guy you'd never expect to order anything. He just ordered every piece of the cranberry stonware, a pizza stone, the stonware lids, and $25 worth of pantry stuff!
    Sep 21, 2005
  6. reegrace

    reegrace Member

    My friend's husband loves the cookie press. For some reason that just struck me as funny. He makes prettier cookies than she does.
    Sep 22, 2005
  7. bbauman07

    bbauman07 Veteran Member Gold Member

    I Agree!!!!

    :eek: Not only should you not pre judge your guests, customers or potentail customers but you shouldn't pre judge your hosts or potenial hosts ethier. Just keep in mind that every unhappy customer will cost you or another consultant 100's of customers by word of mouth to include ones you already have. (This is a proven fact and that person was reffered to you by someone) I wouldn't want people talking about me saying I'm whatever because I pre judged someone. It should also be kept in mind that just because the person is poor or has a bad yard, is a man, etc doesn't mean you will have a bad show or that those kind of people don't use PC; Everyone has to eat and cook there for every one is a potenial customer. Besides how would you feel if you were pre judged and lost a host because of it? Sorry just my thoughts on the matter, and I feel very strongly about this.:)
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2005
    Sep 22, 2005
  8. speedychef

    speedychef Veteran Member

    I wonder about others pre-judging us, though...I have a neighbor who says he likes the products but would NEVER go to a party. I'm trying to talk him and his wife into a couples party! I find, though, that many men view it as a "ladies" thing. Any ideas for how to change that?
    Sep 22, 2005
  9. bbauman07

    bbauman07 Veteran Member Gold Member

    I think your right I think some people do pre judge us. We are sales people most don't really care about their customers and their needs as most of us do.
    When ever I actually talk to a male about PC I always through in that PC is for everybody and they have to cook to right? Some men love to cook though so there are those out there that do enjoy this type of thing.

    Maybe ask his wife what his favorite type of food is or his favorite thing to cook. Maybe you could gear your couple's party around this to further intrege him. Just an thought. Hope this helps.
    Sep 22, 2005
  10. Cookie

    Cookie Member


    Are you married? Or do you have a boyfriend? The very best way is to have him talk to them. I always encourage my hosts to invite spouses and tell them my shows are men friendly- no guy jokes. I heard that women spend more if their husband is with them, because he encourages her to buy and she doesn't feel guilty. it seems to usually be true. Men like to eat and want their wife to cook so they usually do encourage them to buy.
    Sep 22, 2005
  11. janel kelly

    janel kelly Advanced Member

    I had a show last night and a guy popped in after the demo was over and I was taking orders. He ended up ordering the square griddle! Guys seem to love pampered chef even if they don't want to come to the shows. Guys love tools and anything that makes even cooking easier for them.
    Sep 23, 2005
  12. chefjill

    chefjill Member

    When I first started PC, my husband wondered what we would do with all the product. Now, 5 years later, there are many items he can't live without: small saute pan, griddle, grill pan, batter bowl, whisk, garlic press. He has told lots of his friends about PC because they all love to bbq & Jon (my husband) loves the bbq tools.

    Men are a great source of customers because no one thinks they are trying to sell them anything.

    Jill Wright
    Director, Benicia, CA
    Sep 23, 2005
  13. bbauman07

    bbauman07 Veteran Member Gold Member

    You're right. My husband takes some pc products to work (nylon scraper, baker's roller, twist it clips, etc) He has a PC pitch for every construction worker who wants to know where he got that cool tool. Plus evey time he gets a friend or family on the phone he always through in something about PC ( you should see the new this or the new that)
    Sep 23, 2005
  14. kitchenqueen

    kitchenqueen Member

    I agree, prejudging can hurt your business. I know a woman who lives up the street. She is older and lives by herself. We say hello and wave when I take my daughter on walks. We recently stopped and talked for a few minutes. She asked me if I worked and the minute I mentioned PC, her eyes lit up and said "I HAVE to book a show with you!!" which really caught me by surprise how quickly she replied! She said that she used to have a PC lady who lived a few streets over but she moved. Her and her friends LOVE to have PC parties! Plus they are always cooking for their children and grandchildren and just love to cook and have each other over to eat! So she booked a show in October and said that her friends are going to be so excited! Anyway, it just goes to show you never can tell a potential customer just by looking at them!!
    Sep 23, 2005
  15. pchefinski

    pchefinski Advanced Member

    couples show

    has anyone heard of this or done this before? i've read of it somewhere. you invite a bunch of couples to the party. i've thought of doing this, maybe in feb (v-day), and pre-making part of the food, so i'm not making a ton of food at the party.. doing it more like a dinner party than a straight party. and maybe having it in my church, decorated up all nice. keep it simple, but really nice. any ideas or input? i'm really struggling for bookings and sales right now, and i want to try whatever i can do to get more.

    Oct 11, 2005
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