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Need Help!


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Feb 13, 2006
I'm not real sure where to post this. I'm considering doing a craft show/ vendor fair in May. It is for a county wide event called Amelia Day. It is outside, so I won't be doing a demo. Need idea's on setting up a booth, what to display, how to go about the whole thing in general.

Thanks guys!!

BTW I LOVE this site. I'm just getting started and my head is so full of great ideas thanks to all of you!!!!


Feb 3, 2006
You could still demo small things, like the food chopper and the garlic press. You could also make in advance samples. Behind you, you could display kitchen items. Maybe borrow some stuff from your director?

Get some of those posters from the licensed vendors and put them up behind you. Have catalogs available and drawing slips where people can register to win a "free" show among other sorts of door prizes.


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Jan 17, 2006
Vendor booths are fun!

I wanted to do a BRIDAL FAIR but unfortunately it is on Sunday and I don't work on Sundays so I hope something else comes up.
As for your booth you could serve up some yummy drinks in the quick stir pitchers, have some ice in a cooler and some foam cups. Definitely make some yummy recipes before hand. Something not messy, like maybe some bars in the bar pan. Or some profiterole puffs in the chillzane rec. server.
Also have a drawing for a big prize at the end of the day or have small door prize raffles throughout the day. Get them to fill in the door prize slips to get their info.
Have old catalogs that you aren't using on display for them to pick up and take. Maybe have a sticker that says call me for an updated catalog if you want to place an order. Have flyers of host specials, guest specials, and flyers on the products (cookware, stoneware, etc) and recruiting info. And try to display your products without having to take the entire kitchen with you. Maybe have some items you can sell right then and there. But be ready to take orders at the fair. Good luck. Tell us how it goes!!


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Jan 19, 2005
When I worked a festival in the fall, the only food I served was bread and the Basil Blend Canola Oil. I offered samples, but this kept the food very easy. I was not trying to gain orders at the fair, I wanted bookings and recruit leads. I had products on display, but did not demonstrate them. I did have prizes (only two - a Skinny Scraper and a Season's Best Cookbook). As someone was walking by, I would ask them if they would like to enter a drawing to win a Pampered Chef product. I kept in front of the table part of the time and stayed behind when there were a lot of people in front of my table. However, no one went anywhere near me without hearing my offer for the contest. This is what really brought people to my table. I got a lot of booking leads and some recruit leads. So far the recruit leads have not lead to anything, but at least six shows since then happened because of the festival.

If you decide to offer any food, you might want to shy away from anything sweet. The bees and other bugs will be very interested in what you are offering! If you would like to show your Quick Stir Pitcher you can add the metalic confetti to some colored water. As you or someone else uses it, people will get a great view on how well it mixes.

The most important thing is to just have fun! People will really feed off your excitement. Other vendors at the festival I worked did not seem to do as well as me. They spent a lot of time just sitting and hoping people would stop by. They did not seem to be having fun.


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Apr 13, 2004
Something to note:

This came from several people who do marketing as a job. NEVER, EVER stand behind a table. Set up with tables in a U shape around the boundries of your booth. Then stand in the middle. From what I could gather, standing behind a table is the same a standing with your arms folded across your chest or behind your back. These are concidered by "Body Posturing" people to say - STAY AWAY, I REALLY DO NOT WANT TO TALK TO YOU!
The other thing is to KIS! Keep It Simple! Pick out a small amount of product, one maybe from each catagory. Stoneware, Chillzanne, Scraper(s) (all three of the new ones becasue they are small) etc. This way you won't be lugging a ton of stuff either. Plus, if there is too much to look at, they will end up being to busy looking to talk to you.
Just some ideas.


Oct 3, 2005
Here's a recipe that works for me..

Not sure where you are located or the current temperature outside, but I've, in the past, froze my large Chillzanne platter & made these (attachment). I have yet to find someone who doesn't pick one (or two) up. Opens up lots of converstion & can keep (child/ren attached) quiet for a moment ;)

Good luck!

PS, make sure you have a place on your doorprize slip for phone # and email. On my door prize slips it says w/o one or the other, the entry is not valid.


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Feb 17, 2006
I do about 3 or 4 craft fairs a year and I never give or handle food, health department rules are pretty strict here. If you do decide you want to have some food for demo or what not you might want to check with the fair co-ordinator and see if you can even have food with out a special permit.

I always also set up my tables in an "L" shape and stand in front of them. The last craft fair I did there were 8 other direct sell companies and I was the only one who booked or sold anything. The other companies all sat behind a table. If I can find my pics of the last show I will try to attach them.


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Feb 17, 2006
Found the picture...


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