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Need a name for our Breast Cancer Fundraiser

Nov 2, 2005
Hey everyone. Just wondering if there are any creative people that have a good idea for a Breast Cancer Fundraiser name... here are some suggestions so far. p.s. it is not only PC that will be there but other crafters and vendors

Pink Ribbon craft and trade sale fundraiser
crafters for cancer- (but there are other vendor)
Pink Ribbon tea party - fundraiser for Breast Cancer
Pretty in Pink - Craft and trade sale fundraiser

as you can see I need some HELP!!!!


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Oct 21, 2007
Shop for a Cure
Crafts (and More) for a Cure
Think PINK
Pinkapalooza (silly, but I've heard of one done near here before and it was well received)

If I can throw more ideas your way I'll post again. :) Sounds like it'll be a nice event!


Jul 3, 2007
I just read a flyer with "Vender Blender" maybe you could attatch some words to it..

"Pink Vender Blender for the Cure"

I know it's kind of "funny" so it might not be right for Breast Cancer Fundraiser, depending on the guests?

not sure, like I said I ran accross it and remember this thread. Good luck, looks like you have a lot of good ideas already.
Nov 2, 2005
THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! We decided to go with Crafts (and More) for THE CURE!!! We have over 40+ tables already signed up and things are looking great. Really apreciate all the help with the name!