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My First Show - WOW!!!

Jul 25, 2009
Last Thursday I did my first cooking show. The host said there would be 10-12 people there and I thought Wow! That will be just about right. Well... would you believe 20 showed up! She kept bring out more and more folding chairs. The last ones to arrive sat on her steps.

I got real nervous and my throat dried up. Had a coughing fit. Excused myself and had a chat with myself in the kitchen. (Show was on a card table in her living room). Then went back in and did just fine, they all said!

Between all those ladies in attendance and her outside orders, the show was $902 and change!



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Mar 26, 2008
That's wonderful!!! Congratulations on a great beginning!!!

Were you able to get some bookings to help keep you going? If you didn't get any or didn't get enough ... make sure the host understands the benefits of having her friends book off her show AND hold it within the next 6 months. She might be able to finish putting a couple over the fence for you. :D