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Mini Ham Puff Recipe variation


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Mar 17, 2006
The Mini-Ham Puff Recipe (from All The Best, I think) has been a nice "go-to" recipe for me. We had a party Saturday night and had pre-made the filling part before realizing I had more than enough food and wouldn't need them.

So, the next day, I wanted to use the filling, but wasn't looking forward to cutting the crescents to go into the mini-muffin tin and the clean-up of the pan (it was Superbowl and I wanted super-easy).

I ended up separating the crescents into 4 rectangles and spreading the filling over and then rolling like a pinwheel. Sliced them up and baked.

They turned out prefect! And easy! I use parchment so there was no cleanup!


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Dec 24, 2004
This is a go to recipe for me as well. Love this idea to make it even easier. Thanks!