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March Order

Aug 24, 2005
The march guest order with the 20% discount on the measurung cups, if a past host orders do they get the additional 10% discount? The pan o rama
if a host orders the roasting pan as a 1/2 price item does that count as 70 pts.? Thanks so much.
Feb 6, 2006
Receive 1 point toward your Pampered Chef® Executive
Cookware selections for each $1 in cookware sales.
You’ll receive points toward the full retail value of
cookware, even if hosts select cookware using their
Free Product Value, discount and half-price options.

This is what the pan o rama says. Os the roaster considered a pan?


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Sep 13, 2005

Past hosts will receive 10% off the 20% price. So if the item is $10 on sale for 20%= $8 then take the 10% off...so it would be another $0.80 off.

And yes, you get full points for the roasting pan. It is included in the pan-o-rama! This discussion was on my Director's loop and it is via the home office that the roasting pan is included in the pan-o-rama!

Good luck!