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Losing Monthly Host Special

Oct 19, 2005
Does anyone have a letter that can be sent to a past host and guest reminding them the 6 month deadline is approaching so that they don't miss out on the monthly special? Or where I can find one? Any ideas are greatly appreciated!


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Apr 13, 2004
Do it by phone.

Your best bet in this case is not a letter. Those get ignored way to often or set aside and forgotten. First, make sure you know which month the 6 months is up. Make sure you know which dates you need to book. Then I would get on the phone. Call the host first. Tell them which month(s) are available yet to them. See which bonus they like better. Then call the booking guest. Remind them of how the bonus works and see what dates they can fill for you based on which bonus the host would like. Tell that to the booking guest as well so they are both on the same page. Say something like, "Hi Mary, I just spoke to Jean about the host bonus for the month of February. Jean said she would really like to be able to purchase a piece of cookware at 60% off. You booked a show from her and the time is up on February 28th so I would like to ask which of these two dates might fit your schedule." Now, remember to have a couple more dates, if you have them just in case. By giving them just two at a time, it makes it easier for them to make a decision.
You can't get a date from a letter so the phone should be used.
Nov 23, 2005
I believe I found this on this site. Change it to suit your needs. HTH! :D


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