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Looking for advice on host coaching.


Novice Member
May 24, 2005
How does one go about host coaching for a catalog show - is it pretty much the same as a live show? I did use the flyer re: catalog shows which I got on this site, but not sure where to go from there. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks!


Jul 12, 2005
This is what I put in my catalog show packets...I'm not sure if its the same flyer that you are talking about, but I host coach from this. :)


  • catalog show tips.doc
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Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
I would pretty much try to host coach as you would for a kitchen show. Make sure she understand the host program, be sure she's telling her "guests" about the guest special, make sure she follows up with people she gives catalogs to within a few days and she does "reminder calls" to people she hasn't heard from in terms of browsing the catalog. Really encourage her to get the full contact info for each person, including emails. This gives you a GREAT reason to call someone to thank then for their order, then explore bookings.