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Large grooved cutting board warped


Jul 31, 2005
I bought one of the large grooved cutting boards last December during a show I hosted (before I became a consultant). It's become warped and bows up in the middle (w/the grooved side up). The grip-net pad doesn't even touch it, let alone keep it from slipping. Does anyone know if this would be covered under the warranty? I would love to be able to show this at my shows, but I'm way too embarrassed to bring it in the condition it's in.


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Jan 4, 2005
I'd send it back.....or Im thinking, heat does not "melt" them, so Im wondering what would happen if you sat a hot stone such as the 9x13" baker on top - would the heat from it flatten it out? I have the medium sized one and Ive noticed on occasion it seems warped but then within a day or two, it flattens out, especially if I have sat something heated on top of it!


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Jun 22, 2005
It could have happened in the dishwasher... the Use and Care says to remove it from the dishwasher during the "drying" phase, the heat ... I guess... in the dishwasher can do that.
When I first got mine , it was bowed like that ...before ever using it! I sent it back...they sent me another one. It has been fine, I use the HECK out of it... but it is a little bowed.
ALSO... I was wondering has anyone sanded their cutting boards? Mine is rather stained. I have even tried Soft Scrub with bleach. I know we can sand it down... but I tried that and it didn't seem to take off any of the color. Then someone told me you had to use an electric sander! I don't have one.

I may try un-bowing the board maybe after cooking a lasagna in the 9X13 baker


Aug 7, 2005
Forget the Softscrub...

...go for straight bleach! lol...it won't hurt it any. Poor a bit on, leave it to sit in your sink...in your bathtub if your sink's not big enough. It took years worth of stains off mine (didn't care how mine looked until I became a consultant...haha)

Hope this helps,


Apr 20, 2005
For stains, also try the Chlorox Bleach Pen. It works great and is easier to use than liquid bleach.
For the warped problem, I would send it back. The use and care card says it is heat safe up to 160 degrees and to avoid contact with heating elements, hot pans, or other hot surfaces.
I just noticed, for the first time, it is recommended to remove from the dishwaser before the drying cycle. I've never done this and mine, so far, is fine, but maybe I will start from now on so I can avoid the warp problem.


Apr 2, 2005
I noticed the other day that mine was bowed up in the middle too. I just ordered it in late July. Do you have to send it back if it is after thirty days? And if so, how much would it cost to send it back?


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May 6, 2005
Yep, if it's past 30 days, you would foot the bill to send it back. I've never sent back something like that, but I would THINK you could just wrap it with a brown paper bag and send it in like that. It's not like it'll break or anything. Be sure to call customer service first to get a reference number and they'll tell you exactly what you should do with it. :)


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Jan 21, 2005
For the bowing - try to take it out of the dishwasher when it is still hot and put a heavy item on it. That might work to straighten it. You might have to do it a couple times.

For the stains - use bleach

For the cut marks - use an electric sander and fine sandpaper - will make it look like new!


May 19, 2005
Mine, too!

My large grooved cutting board is also warped. I usually just put a dishtowel under it. I have had mine for a few years now. I will definitely have to try all of your suggestions!

The cutting boards are not hot pads! LOL! My husband sat my Prof. Saute' Pan on my cutting board (while still hot off the stove) and I have a nice Pampered Chef logo imprinted into my cutting board! Ha, ha! I usually show this at shows, to teach customers to learn from my mistakes! :)