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Kitchen Shows in Your own home?


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Jun 4, 2005
Hello all!!
I was just wondering if anyone else out there offers hosts the option of doing their shows in your own home versus theirs? I have only had 2 actual kitchen shows and they have both been in my home. I have 2 more coming up and 1 will be at my house and the other will be at the hosts. I find this much easier for me personally and I have so much PC product that the guests can get up and look at it all and hold, touch, feel etc. I actually use that as an incentive as well. Why you want to go home and clean etc when you can have it at my house all you have to do is bring the food. Anyone else?


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May 6, 2005
I don't offer that option too much because my shows tend to be all over, but I will probaby start doing that more when I can. When I have had shows at my house, it is MUCH easier because I can just stick dishes directly into my dishwasher!! It's nice not to have to pack up and drag stuff places, although with the new Show to Go, that won't be difficult. :)


Aug 24, 2005
I've done them in my home a few times, and you're so right--it's easy on us as consultants, and easy on the hosts. I had one host pass on my offer to have it in my home because she said her neighbors would definitely wander over to her house after dinner, but they weren't likely to get in the car and drive the 10 minutes to my house. She lived on a small close-knit cul-de-sac, though, which definitely doesn't seem to be the norm at my parties.

One of my shows this weeks is at our house and I had an open house over the weekend for past hosts to show off new products. I'm finding that my husband is more supportive if I'm away than if I'm right there at home, so I'm going to limit my at-home shows to new season kick-offs and hosts with extenuating circumstances.


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Jun 22, 2005
When someone really wants to book, but I hear, "But I'm redecorating" or "my house/kitchen is too small" I will suggest it if they seem to really want a show. Otherwise I suggest a catalog show.
But I agree, when people come to my house, I can set up as early as I want, I don't have to tote things around (Show-To-Go ...here I come!) , and if someone wants to see something that I wouldn't have normally brought for that show, I can just take it out of my cabinet!
But I agree, some people may feel uncomfortable going to a strangers house versus their friend's house.
The one show I had at my house for someone else, turned out good, several people came!
I don't think I was of ANY help at all... :eek:
It's your business, do whatever works for you!

Pampered Heather

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Jul 5, 2005
Thinking about it...

I'm a new consultant and I've offered to hold shows at my home for people who seem hesitant because of current remodeling or just the thought of having to clean. I figure it's a good incentive for me too since I'll have to keep it nice and neat in case someone takes me up on it! If they want to have it at my house and people show up and make purchases then I'll be happy. Plus everyone is right - you don't have to lug everything in and out!