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Pampered Chef: Bookings January Host Special

  1. Does anyone have a clear version of the January Booking flyer? I found the one that was posted but it is blurry and I can't read it. I don't have my consultant number yet to get into the website and download anything. Can anyone help? I need something to show to guests and get them to book shows. Thank You, Thank You, Thank you in advance for your help. :)
  2. mrssyvo

    mrssyvo Veteran Member

    Here you go

    Here they are, I also included the January guest special. Glad to me of help. Welcome to the company!!!!

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    Dec 8, 2005
  3. DZmom

    DZmom Veteran Member

    Dec 8, 2005
  4. Oh, Thank you guys so much, you are the greatest. I am so in love with this site!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p :p
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