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Is there a way to ask so people won't say no?

Jun 28, 2005
are there certain things to say so people won't say no when you ask them if they want to have a show, or to keep them from saying no when you invite them to your own show?



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May 6, 2005
I wish there were some magic words! If anyone knows them, please post them! :D Seriously, I think it gets easier with practice. Hyping the host benefits before you come out and ask if they'll host a show is probably what I would suggest the most. Are you asking about tips on what to say while presenting at shows or when you are just talking to someone about PC in conversation? Or your friends and family when you're just starting PC? When I started and approached friends and family to host my first 6 shows (it took 6 shows to qualify when I started), I would basically come out and ask them for a favor. Then I asked point blank if they could support me while I started up my business and host a show. I was so overwhelmed with how supportive everyone was.

When you're talking at shows or just talking in conversation about PC and hostin shows, I've heard not to even mention "hosting a show" or "hosting a party." You can use words like "getting your friends over for a get-together where I come cook for you" or call it a "cooking class" if that doesn't turn people off. I think people hear "hosting a show" and it could turn them off.

I would strongly suggest taking some of the teleclasses that PC offers. I haven't looked at the schedule yet, but there used to be some that had good suggestions. The "Lemon Aid Lady" is someone who has spoken at Conference before. She's been involved in direct sales forever and has made a business out of consulting with consultants. I know one of her books is entitled "How to book shows when you run out of friends or family" or something to that effect. She probably has some good suggestions. She has a website where you can sign up for her free email newsletter. Her website is www.partyplanpeople.com.

Hope that helps! :)


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Oct 5, 2004

When I am taking orders at shows, I have a piece of paper with my next available show dates on it. I leave a space next to each date for a name, phone number and email. As each guest is checking out, I say "if you're thinking about hosting a show, these are my next available dates. Please let me know if you had another date in mind." This way I am politely asking each and every guest. If they're not interested, they do nothing (and I don't feel like I hear "no"all the time), but I usually end up with 1 or 2 bookings this way at every show.

As for hosting your own shows, you might want to make it a "Mystery Host" show where one of your guests receives the host benefits for the show. That's a pretty big "what's in it for me" draw, just be sure your guests understand how much they have to gain by attending! I have more success with that type of show for my own than doing a straight show.

I hope this helps!

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May 27, 2005
I would be afraid if everyone said yes to host a show. Some people are not good at it and some will only say they will to help out a friend or for other wrong reasons. If they don't really want to then they will not make good hosts anyway. So you should fell better that they know what they want.

I know that is hard to understand or hear when you are really in a need for shows but think on it a little.

By the way some people just ask what day out of these two or three days is best for you. That way you control the conversation and make it sound as if you expect that everyone would want a show. It also allows you to control your calendar. You only give them the first few days you want to book. That way you don't have 4 shows the last week of the month and none before that.


Jun 18, 2005
Well, so far everyone I've asked to host a show has scheduled one. Of course, that's only three people ;)

But I can tell you what I do, maybe it's different from what you do. I read in a book ("How To Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie) that you can't get people do to things by telling them how it will help YOU, but only how it will help THEM. So what I do is talk to the people about what products they want, pick the highest price item they mention, and say "You know, if you host a show, you can get that item at a discount (or free)". When I see that they are salivating at the idea of getting the item that cheap, I say "And if you host a show in July, you can even more discounts because we have a promotion this month for the Chillzane mini bowl...".

This is how I got people back home to host catalog shows, too. I pointed out the savings. People like to help other people, but they like free/discounted stuff more. :D
May 27, 2005
That is a fantastic book for everyone to read. I am just about to reread it as it has been about a year since I did so. Go get it. IT really makes you think.