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Increasing Bookings At a Bridal Expo

Sep 20, 2005
:) OK, this is my first time starting a new thread, but here it goes:
The local radio station (103.3 wvyb) held it's 9th annual bridal expo this sunday teh 25th. I was invited to be a vendor for the event and the cost was $500. I was a little nervous because I am only in my ss1 and am not too good at approaching new people yet. I had another consultant from my cluster join me so it would cut the cost and we could help each other out. She is also is ss1, but doing a lot better than me, she had her first $1000 show already!!! Well, I made a bride-to-be party cake, made my business cards really pretty with mints and decorated the booth. We had a drawing where the grand prize was the new roasting pan (I already had one and I am getting one for free for qualifing), 2 people got $25 gift certificates, a classic batter bowl was giving by the other consultant, and there were "25 free home Pampered Bride Bridal Showers or Kitchen shows."(obviously, everyone won that one.
:) Well here are the results:
I had 1 booking at the show itself-Nov. 5th
I have had 3 set bookings through phone calls thus far
I have another one that already has a bridal shower planned, but she will either have me take over that one or they will set a date for a 2nd one and get this....50 people are attending!!!!
There were a total of 150 door prize slips filled out and the other consultant and I split them down the middle for 75 each. We examined them to be fair so that one of us didn't get more interested leads than the other.
I still have people looking at dates and have come nowhere near finishing all of my phone calls....This has become and absolutely great investment and would do it again in a heartbeat.
I am going to keep a long-term running track of what comes from this just to see $$$out in vs $$$ come out!!!!
This also gave me leads in new areas such as one of my bookings is in Gainesville....2 hours away from daytona!!!! I love it there and definitely do not mind the drive!
Sorry this is so long, I am just really excited and thought you all should know just how successful the show was.
It is so easy to get someone to book a show when you tell them they have won it and start asking what day of the week is best for them!!!!
The radio station is having a home and garden expo that they may want me to be a part of , I will do it in a heartbeat if I can!
This all came with perfect timing as I had ABSOLUTLY NO BOOKINGS AT ALL!!! Ihave only been having catalog shows, most of which have been my own!!!!
Good luck to all in expanding your businesses!!! :)


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Jan 21, 2005
Congratulations! You are proving that the key is follow-up! If you had not made those calls you'd have one booking on the calendar!

Have you offered the business opportunity to any of your leads? A good show lead is often a good recruit lead!


Jul 6, 2005
Wow !

That is awesome ! I have been with Pc for well over a year , I have never done a Bridal Expo, I had a chance at one this past month and turnred it down because of the cost. It was also $500.00. I had asked a few others to split it with me and they all thought the same to much $$.I should have done it ! It sounds like you will so make your money back and then some !!! Way to go !!! So you are just calling people who filled out the slips and telling them they won a free kitchen show. I think iam going to try that one.Why not right !! Congrats !!!
Sep 20, 2005
not yet, I have a few that mared yes, they are interested in the opportnuity, but I haven't gotten a hold of those people yet except for one which is my gainesville show...she was just so excited when i called her that she was the one suggesting to have a show!!! I figured we could have her show and I could then convince her to become a consultant with all of the booking from that show. I already have a definite recruit on November 1st!!!! She doesn't turn 18 till then, but she is really excited about the business and her mom even wants her to do it!!! I am 1/2 way to a future director!!!!!


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Jun 29, 2005
Wow!! I hope I have as much luck as you tonight. I am having a booth at a Taste of Home show tonight. It only cost me $190 plus a $25 gift to be given away during the show. Plus, I am having a drawing at my booth and giving away 3 more gifts (two of the new bar boards and the new towel set) during the show.

Our local newspaper is in charge of putting it on, and the lady I talked to yesterday said they have sold over 800 tickets so far. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. I'm kind of in the same boat with the bookings. Mine are drying up fast. I hit a slow spell this summer and just can't quite get the bookings back. I'm hoping this will turn things around.

Everyone should go to the Taste of Home website and check to see if there is going to be a show in your area. You know the women coming love to cook or they wouldn't be there!!!


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May 24, 2005

i am also doing the taste of home cooking school in my area and i am hoping to get some leads i just did a parking lot sale and i did over 100 in sales and got a few yeses to booking shows i just need to call them but im going to tell everyone i call that they won a free kitchen show i really hope that helps to get me some more bookings


WoW! Did the $500 get you any advertising or was it strictly for the booth? I am doing a bridal expo in October for a local tv station and it is just costing me $50! I have been in PC 8 years and it would still be hard for me to let go of $500, especially when I wouldnt know where it was going to lead me. But, way to go and good luck with the rest of your leads!
Aug 7, 2005
How do you find these shows

That's great on the Bridal Show!!!!!!! :D I have a question though how do you find out about these in your area? Do you search them out in newspapers and events?
Oct 4, 2005
WoW! That is great!

I think you are doing an great job! I have a Bazaar on the 22nd and I am hoping to get some bookings and recruit leads. I have one recruit already that is just blowing me away at how well she is doing. Keep up the good work and best wishes for your business.
Sep 20, 2005
Well, currently I am up to 7 bookings from the expo...when I say 7, I mean that there are 7 dates set. I still have more in the making too! This expo came to me...my mom works as director of sales at a hilton here and she was already supposed to have a booth at the expo for that, then Darlyn...the lady in charge from the wvyb radio station, she had heard about the pampered bride shows and asked my mom if she knew anyone who did pampered chef...she immediately said me and why and then she asked me to have a booth there....with how successful it has turned out to be for me, Darlyn is not keeping me in mind for any show she hears of...there is supposed to be some kind of home show in the mall soon that has wine tasting and cheese tasting so once she finds out the details, she wants me to be there...I figured I would bring my cheese grater, the wine bottle opener, the cheese knife..stuff lik that and make something that has to do with cheese for the event!
Feb 3, 2005

I'm so glad I found this post! I am scheduled to participate in a Bridal Expo on Oct. 30th. Another Consultant and I shared the $600 cost and will split the bookings leads...not the recruit leads. We have to work for those!

I too am going to keep track of the shows and cash flow to determine the profits.

Good job!