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Ideas for first open house/hostess appreciation show

Sep 14, 2005
I'm planning to do my first open house but am not sure of the difference between that and a hostess appreciation show. Is there a difference? Anyway, I'm planning on hosting something at my house later this fall and pretty much invite everyone I know, former hosts and guests, etc. I know that these can be very successful shows that involve lots of work, so I'm wondering if you can share some tips....Specific questions are: How many recipes should I prepare? Should I plan on a demo or on demo stations? How do I handle cash & carry, door prizes, bookings incentives, etc. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


Apr 20, 2005
Basically, you can make your open house any way you want it to be. As far as how much food to prepare, it all depends on how many people you expect. Have your guests RSVP so you know how much food to prepare. If you decide to do a demo, make it a quick and simple one. Put on your invite "Recipe demo at XX o'clock". You can set up "hands-on stations" for people to try products. Get some potatoes. They are cheap and can be used with lots of products. (i.e. US&G, AP/CS, Crinkle Cutter) Do a search on this site for "The Amazing Potato Demo". Door prize drawings can be done at certain times throughout the open house or you can just do one at the end. It's all up to you. There are a ton of ideas on here about booking incentives. Again, just do a search on this site. There is so much info already on here, and I don't want to be redundant, but I hope this helps spark some ideas.

Dawn Trudell
Independent Kitchen Consultant
Fort Wayne, IN