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I qualified for SS1


Novice Member
Jul 20, 2005
I'm sooo excited... I should be getting my SS1 products, free roasting pan, and tool turn about tote shortly. This was my first month selling PC and my commisionable sales were $1621.16 with four parties. I have four more parties this month but I really need to get some more bookings for october and november, so I'm gonna have a drawing for a large round stone, deluxe chs grater or classic batter bowl for anyone that has a show in october or november. I'm also gonna have an incentive for any host that books a show for october or november. For every $100 that they sell I'm gonna offer them $3 more in free product. Do you guys think that is too much? I'll still be making $17 which is fine with me. And if it goes over really well I may continue to do that. I really want to do well for my next two SS months. My goal is to get the simple additions set for free. Which leads to another question how does PC know what reserve bank I want to use for my SS months?
Well I just wanted to share with you guys the success that I'm having with PC. I love it!!! and I love this website. Its great for any new consultant.