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I need ideas for setting up a display

Feb 11, 2005
Hello. I was just wondering if anyone has advice on setting up a table at an assorted vendor open house. It will be held in a store and there will be a few people with displays. I would like ideas on decorating, what to take, and should I give something away? If so what? I have a few ideas but I am fairly new and have never done something like this before so any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks a lot.

Mary Jo Green


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Feb 14, 2005
setting up at vendor show

make yours look different. If there are other vendors there you want to stand out. Make some kind of snack to tempt them with .Have a register to win so that you will get more contacts. Also give a gift to anyone who books a party (quickcut paring knife, twixit etc). I usually get a about 4-6 balloons with helium in colors to match my setup. Don't sit behind table, stand to side and greet people as they walk up. Wear your apron and have on hand information on joining Pampered Chef. Good luck


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Feb 3, 2005

Those are great tips!

You will want to take items from the Super Starter kit. You might set all the kit items up in/on/around your crate with the Opportunity Flier.

I would also take the new products and have them displayed with the new colors being your theme for balloons, table cloth, etc.

Have a prize drawing for an item you have extra. Have prize drawing slips to pass out for the drawing. I've attached prize drawing slips I've used for fairs.

I usually will make up a bunch of small chocolate chip cookies, dip, or brownie bites to pass out.

Using old catalogs to pass out is a good idea. Have host packets ready to go along with your calendar handy for those that book a show. You might want to offer a special incentive (something free) if they book a show at the fair.

I also take outside order forms so they can place an order there if they want. I have it shipped directly to them if they are not local.

Good luck and HAVE FUN!


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Feb 11, 2005
Any booth I do, I always take a few classics and all the brand new stuff. Last weekend I placed yellow fabric on the table as a table cloth, and then a white cloth over it. I laid a new towel down and then arrange all the new products first to give myself plenty of room. I also used the boxes to create height for the products by placing them under the table cloths. I bought fake fruit slices and placed them in the prep bowls. The other end of the table I placed the three tiered stand with a small simple additions display and tuxedo brownies to sample. I also include spring like garland intertwined and light the candle if permitted. I use the batter bowl, with a slit in the top of the lid for drawing slips and raffle a $30.00 giftcertificate. If anyone books a show they get to choose out of my door prize basket. I also have a few signs (small ones promoting Help Whip Cancer and the business opportunity) and then the new easel is filled with the monthly host/guest specials.

Very important, I call everyone back that does not mark no on their slip within two days. If I sense some hesitation over the phone I offer to send a current catalog, then tell them I will follow up in a week. That is the call that I really try to get that booking because they are more comfortable with you at this point. Good luck!!
Feb 3, 2005
My director also suggested to me that I bring a crock pot or toaster oven. Use a recipie from the chilis and stew to cook in crock...or bake something in the toaster oven...the smell will draw a crowd!!!

and i agree about standing in front of the booth with your apron on. Good Luck. ;)


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Mar 5, 2005
How do you find out when and what fairs are comming to your town? Cause all of your idea's are wonderful and I'd love Show off Pampered Chef and how much I love it!


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Apr 14, 2004
Check with your Chamber of Commerce, expo, and fair offices. They might be able to give you info on their calendar of events.