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I NEED a Spring Pampered Chef Cookie Mold

May 12, 2005
I tried and tried to get a consultant from around here to get one for me and unfortunately it was never done. I missed the spring mold. :(

Please, if anyone can help me, I am begging. I need two of them. My friend paints them and then we can hang them on the wall and we are getting quite the little collection going.

Thanks. I hope someone can help me.


Gold Member
Apr 21, 2005
Try Ebay. It's actually kind of crazy how much PC stuff is sold on Ebay, even consultant supplies. And yet i see that there are sellers on Ebay who have multiple listings, consistently. Does anyone know if this is ok to do?


Advanced Member
Feb 14, 2005
No, we are not allowed to sell PC products on ebay or any auction site. It is stated in the handbook. There are a ton of consultants however that do sell on ebay. They even tell you on the listing that they are consultants. PC clearly states that if you break this rule you could be pulled as a consultant. But, if you are looking for supplies, tablecloths etc it is a great place to go. I have bought a briefcase , tablecloth to name a few from a consultant who was hanging up her apron. There is a place on Ebay called Want it now. You can go in and type in that you want the spring mold. If someone has it they will contact you and list it on the auction. Hope you find it.
Blessings, :D

Lisa S

Nov 14, 2004
Are you looking for a spring mold from this spring? The last mold PC put out was last fall - so if you are looking for a mold from Spring 2005 there is not one.

If you are looking for an older mold check out E-bay. And no - we are not allowed to resell PC products.