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Pampered Chef: Host Coaching How to get your Host to Do "her" job

  1. Debunny

    Debunny Member

    I was supposed to have my first party this past weekend but it bombed bigtime. My sister was the one hosting it, I even let her have it at my home because she lives so far out we didn't think many would be able to make it there. Well, I coached her on what and when she was supposed to do everything ie: mailing her invitations, making her calls to see who was coming and etc. She kept "forgetting" to mail her invitaions until this week! She mailed them Monday. UGH! When she called everyone Friday evening; with me making her call them, some had not even received them yet and out of the ones who had there were only two maybes that said they might come. I was so ticked off! I told her I was not going to go through the time to get everything prepared and have no one show up afterwards so she could just have a catalog show. I am so hurt that she didnt think enough of my wanting this business to take off that she just neglected to do much of any of her part of it. How do you ladies make sure to get your hosts to do their end? I mean, I called her the whole time we were planning it, was extremely enthusiastic and told her when she should be doing what and what to do. Then after I told her that I wanted her to just do the catalog party since we didnt even know if the whole two ppl would show up, she blamed me saying I should have reminded her again about calling ppl. I DID remind her, several times. She was at work though so she told me I should have called her again when she got home and told her to call people. UGH!!! I am just so ticked off. What do you all do to handle a situation like this? And one other thing, what happens if she doesnt sell a whole $150? Can it even be considered a show still or what? Because these ppl who do order will be expecting their things. Right now she was the only show I had lined up. I have friends who are going to hold one for me but want to wait a month or so. I am going to go out tomorrow and try to pamper a biz or something. I have given catalogs out to anyone I thought may be interested... and this is only my first month.... I am gettting in a funk because I really LOVE the PC products but live in a small town and it is so hard to get ppl to want to host a party.

    Apr 11, 2005
  2. janel kelly

    janel kelly Advanced Member

    host coaching

    Hi Debbie,
    I'm sorry your first show didn't go well. It is really dissapointing to try so hard to work a show and then get dissapointing results. You don't sound like you did anything wrong. You kept in good contact with your host and reminded her when invitations need to be sent out and to call her guests the night before. I have only been doing PC for a couple of months. One thing I did to get my friends to book shows was let them know I was just starting PC and was looking for people to book in the next few weeks so that I could earn extra products for my business(super starter kit) I had the whole month of March booked so it worked for me. Some consultants will send out the invitations for their hosts as long as the host provides a list of names and #'s. I offer to give the "night before a show call" to all of my hosts' potential guests. They just need to provide the phone #'s for me. Usually most hosts are excited about having shows and really try to get people to their shows. There are alot of tips on this website about host coaching, flyers, coupons, or just general things that many of the PC conultants do to keep their hosts excited about their show. I know under the flyer section of this website there is 4 different flyers one host sends out each week leading up to the hosts' party and she said she hardly gets cancellations and normally has good turn outs. You have come to the right place to get ideas to help your business. Many of the veteran PC consultants on this website have wonderful ideas they share with us what they do to have a productive business. Don't give up! It may be a little shakey at first to start your business but if you really try hard and do your best(which you sound like you are doing) you will see rewards.
    Janel Kelly
    Apr 11, 2005
  3. PamperedGinger

    PamperedGinger Advanced Member

    Debbie I understand your frustration. Sometimes family and friends are the hardest people to host a show...for the very reason you just had. They don't always do what they should even with great host coaching. My sister did something similar to yours.

    Most hosts will do the calls and follow up if you coach them to do so. Don't get discouraged.

    Let your sister know that she has to get at least 150 dollars in sales so you can turn it into a show. Ask her if she would like to try again and have a kitchen show. Give her a second chance. Maybe she didn't know it was so important to you. She might think this is just a "fling" and will not last. She might not understand how important this is to you.

    If she will give a kitchen show a try, offer to send out the invitations for her and make the reminder calls if she will give you their names, addresses, phone #, and emails.

    GOOD LUCK and don't get discouraged. Small town or not you CAN and WILL do this!
  4. Family are the worst...really. I've had some great shows from people I've never met before, and some really crummy ones....most of which were family and friends (or former friends since some of them are now avoiding me....).

    Host coach until you are blue in the face and a lot of time it doesn't matter. They won't take you seriously.

    Good luck on getting your big break! They say it just takes one really good show to turn it all around and business will take off. So far, I'm still waiting for that show but I'm hanging in there and have given up asking family! LOL
    Apr 11, 2005
  5. ladybug

    ladybug Member

    Been there!

    I must say I have been there~some parts the same, some not, but frustrating none the less. I only know 1 person in my town and that was the person I was depending on to start the ball rolling. She did not take to the hosting thing too well, didn't help with the show and even heckled things I was saying~ and I've known her for 10 yrs! Sometimes the friends/family thing is the hardest, as you're trying to be professional and they are well, just being themselves.

    I've found the hosts I don't know really do not act like that, so don't be discouraged. It really does get better with time (this is my first month!). I got much better results with just posting my flyers out on my neighbors doors, & holding a open house. I only had 2 shows booked in May from my one host's party I had the end of March, with nothing for April. Now I have 4 April shows! All from my open house and people who didn't attend, but got the flyer and want to have their own party.

    It will all work out! Just stay motivated, keep on this site (it has helped me) and keep putting yourself out there. It'll happen, just keep acting like you have a business every single day.
    Apr 11, 2005
  6. quikcook

    quikcook Novice Member

    Hi Debbie,
    I would agree that friends and family are to worse to have as hostess. This is my 3rd time starting my PC business and each time I rejoice to be out of my friend/family circle.

    Don't let this show get you down though. You know you called her and "coached" her along and that's really all you can do. We can't "force" people to do everything we say. Help her to have a great catalog show and focus on your next hostess instead. Unfortunitly we all run into shows that are not the best.

    Keep smiling, you'll do great :D

    Apr 11, 2005
  7. Debunny,

    Wow - I totally feel for you. I am new to this and I expected my friends and family to be my support system - it was such a shock to realize that wasn't going to happen. I am still waiting for that "one good show" too. I blame myself for my lack of bookings - in my head I know that it is really a good idea to host a pampered chef show (I mean - come on....free products!), however, when I approach people I lose all confidence and pretty much end up begging. I've even gone so far to do all the work for the hostess (buying all the food, sending out invites, pretty much losing money at this whole deal), just to make it easy for her...and still had horrible shows.

    In your case, rest assured you did nothing wrong. I think in my case, it is a confidence issue. It is so hard to step out of your comfort zone and frankly, so far my comfort zone hasn't been any help to my business.

    Here's to that one good show!
  8. DebPC

    DebPC Legacy Member Staff Member

    I agree. Your friends and family can be your best friends or your worst enemies when it comes to your business. One thing I heard at conference awhile ago is "Never let others determine how high or how far you will go in your business!"
    In other words- don't let other people determine your fate. You determine your future.
    Apr 12, 2005
  9. Debbie, I totally know where you are coming from. Just recently, I was doing Pampered Chef and another Consultant business to see which one would pan out for me....Pampered Chef..lol. Well anyways, with this other company, I ended up sponsoring a person under me. Well she lives in an apartment, and so I offered to have her starter show at my home. Well she said that she had all these people, and then the night of the show, 4 showed up, and she was calling people to see if they were going to come. I coached her on what she needed to do since this was her show to help her get money for her kit and free product. I was so angry, because I feel like I failed. She did not get the the dollar amount that she needed and expected help. I felt bad when I did not help her because she could have gotten a better turn out, and I had already bought items to support my show/product line. So she ended up evening out the show..and I cannot feel bad. Then on top of that, the party went until 10, which disrupted my schedule at home....i.e.. five year old not in bed.

    Ok, I am done...lol. You are not the only one, and you learn from things. I will now send out invites and RSVP so I have control and know who will be there. ;) Good luck Debbie!!!

    Apr 12, 2005
  10. zolamola

    zolamola Guest


    To make sure you get that show to 150, take some outside orders yourself and add them. I have had to do it myself. Sometimes we can be the best host coachers in the world, but some people cant and wont be coached. Just take it as an experience and know that you made it through it and the next one hundred times will be better. Just don't let it discourage you. :)
    Zoe Meadows
    Apr 13, 2005
  11. pampered1224

    pampered1224 Legacy Member Silver Member


    I know how you feel. Relatives can be some thing else again. My second show was my Aunt who lives in Palatine Illinois. I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
    "Oh, yeah! I have about 17 people coming and several outside orders."
    What she should have said was "I was thinking about inviting 17 people and put a catalog out at work." To make matters worse, about 6 people did show up. Only two people were listening to me. The others were so loud and rude, including my aunt, that one lady got up and left. Then it took three and a half weeks to close the show. 147 miles round trip and a $175.00 show!! You just have to pull up your boot straps, and go to it again the next time.
    Zolamola and Pampered Ginger have the right idea, if you have to, do the work yourself. Then as an added bonus to you, you keep the host rewards.
    But here's something else, when you send out those invites then follow up, explain that you are starting your business and this show was to "kick it off".
    Meaning you wanted to ask for more bookings. Then say, "Would you like to help me and yourself at the same time by booking a kitchen show of your own?" Take advantage of the friends list your sister could give you.
    Good luck to you! You can make it if you want too! Despite your sister.
    Apr 13, 2005
  12. I'm with everyone else Debbie...family stinks! LOL. They are the hardest to work with. Cousins and Aunts on the other hand were great with me! I think you did a great job with the Host! We can't hand-hold no matter who it is. We already do all the work and they get the free product!

    Go back to your 100 list in the Recipe for Success and just start calling. I actully looked in an ancient address book and called old coworkers! Force yourself to do it. Most people won't say no if you ask them, "Will you help me start my up my business?".

    Don't worry... it will get better! My first Kitchen Show was so nerve wracking. I knew the people and they pretty much had social hour and play group during my demo. Yes, that is to be expected but not at my very first show... and they KNEW it was my very first time. Ugh. I wanted to run out the door after my first customer checkout! But I stayed and got through it.

    Hang in there!!
    Apr 14, 2005
  13. You are too funny about what she "should have said". I hope that $175 Show at least paid for your GAS!!


    Apr 14, 2005
  14. kitchen queen

    kitchen queen Member



    I understand completely. My sister was supposed to be my first show...nothin ever came of it. She even blew me off on the phone. I would tell her, "you know if you don't want to hve a show we can cancel." She would reply, "No, of course not!" NOTHING ever happened.

    So, I branched out and got a friend from church to have a show. I ended up with 7 bookings off of her show. Whew.

    I'm still in my SS months, so I will give my sister a chance again, but I will always try and have a backup show in the works.

    Good luck with your business.

  15. Debunny

    Debunny Member

    I have been slack

    I am so sorry, I forgot to watch this thread after I posted it :eek: I want to thank all of you for the wonderful support and advice you gave. I was so annoyed with my sister that after I went to my first monthly sales meeting the week of her party I got remotivated and got on her tail and told her she had to pick it up and stop piddling around if she wanted the free stuff. ;) Needless to say, I closed with a $310 commisionable party so Yeah! I was relieved that she finally got on the ball. I think she fianlly saw just how hurt I was that she didnt take it seriously. Right now I have another catalog party going on that will close this week. The lady called me this morning to ask a quick question and to tell me that she wants the half off cookware so she is out today collecting orders and making her friends buy stuff. :) So if she gets the orders she needs it will be at least a $500 party with her cookware included. So a little better than my sisters. I have as yet to have a kitchen party though. I have had several ppl say they want to do one but want to wait til summer. Alot of them were not impressed with the woven servers. My mom, i know, another family member, wants to do a party next month but I have already gave her the third degree and told her she could not do me like my sister did and she promised not to and said she is going to drag ppl there kicking and screaming if she has to. :D I am having a hard time though right now getting ppl to do parties. We are down to one car and DH started a new job this week so I am kinda stuck here at home right now. He works a second job at night so it is going to be really difficult schelduling (sp) parties on any other time other than days on the weekends, he works weekend nights too. So really the catalog parties are working for me right now I just wish I could go ahead with the kitchen parties and get over the first time jitters that I get everytime I think about doing one.

    Thanks to all of you again for the wonderful ideas on here and the amazing support and feedback.

    Apr 26, 2005
  16. PamperedGinger

    PamperedGinger Advanced Member

    Why don't you consider having a back-to-back open house at your house. You can pick two consecutive days and have one in the evening and one during the day. That way you can hit everyones schedule. Make the same recipe both parties. That will give you two parties and allow you to get the feel of the kitchen show in your own home where you feel comforable.

    Before you do an open house, sit down with you calendar and your husband's schedule and figure out when you CAN do kitchen shows. I find it works best to get some of those colored post-it flags and mark the days that I CAN have shows in one color and have personal commitments in another color. I can write directly on the post-it flags and move them if the show doesn't hold.
  17. Debunny

    Debunny Member

    Good Idea

    That's a good idea Ginger. I will have to read up on how to do the Open House. do you just invite anyone or post signs or what? I live in a fairly rural area so I need all of the ideas I can get. When I had my party to get my free stuff and discount for my SS kit I invited everyone I knew so Im fresh out of ideas on who to invite. When I made my list of 100 I only had about 20 names I came up with. Sad huh? I need to get out more. :)

    Apr 26, 2005
  18. PamperedGinger

    PamperedGinger Advanced Member

    Debbie....don't get down on yourself. The GREAT thing about Pampered Chef is that EVERYONE LOVES IT! They don't have to know you to want to come check out the new Pampered Chef products.

    Here is what you need to do...pass out invitations....not the postcard invites....the flier type (people are less likely to throw it away or lose it).

    Pass out your invitations personally...introduce yourself and let them know that you are having a Pampered Chef party to show off the 25 NEW PRODUCTS this season. You'd love for them to come and bring a friend so they can learn how to make the (insert recipe here...make something mouthwatering - chocolate usually does the trick).

    BRING paper with you if you don't know anyone and ask them if they are interested in attending....if YES, tell them you'd love to give them a reminder call since everyone gets so busy and have them write their name and number on your pad.

    Do this with EVERYONE you know and don't know. This is important....if you don't have a name, you can't host coach yourself with reminder calls. You must HOST COACH YOURSELF!

    Talk to your kids parents, teachers, sports parents, church members, people at the bank, store, wherever you shop. Invite EVERYONE and ask them to bring a FRIEND. Tell everyone if they bring a friend, they will get a free Season's Best cookbook. (Order these in the supply order so you have them on hand.)

    You can even put a sign in your front yard the day before and of the open house.
  19. PamperedGinger

    PamperedGinger Advanced Member

    Besides doing an Open House, you can also Pamper a Business. You choose a local business and call and let them know that you will be Pampering them by bringing some treats for their office (banks, hair salons, local store). Ask how many people they have their so you can bring enough food. Bring them catalogs and food.
  20. Debunny

    Debunny Member

    Thanks again

    Thanks for the advice Ginger. I will be getting out promoting it as soon as I get a date to do it. I did try the pamper a business but when I went to the bank, I was told they did not allow any soliticiting of any kind and they would not even accept the food I brought. I was so disheartened. I did end up taking it to a friends daycare and they loved it. She said she would see if anyone wanted to order anything there. In fact, I will call her tomorrow and see whats going on with that. It gets really frusterating some days trying to think of ppl to get in touch with to promote PC to. This is such a small town and I sometimes wonder if I am cut out for it. I am pretty quiet until I get to know someone so I just hope I can make it work.

    Apr 26, 2005
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